Following yesterday’s Think Secret report that Target and Dell will no longer be carrying the iPod, Apple has announced that those dealers who rejected the new reseller agreement account for only a small percentage of Apple’s revenue. “As part of the regular renewal process with Apple Authorized Resellers, we invited our resellers in the U.S. to sign new agreements as of April 1, 2003,” Apple said in a statement released on Thursday. “Resellers that have not currently renewed made up less than 1.5% of Apple’s worldwide revenue in 2002.” The MacObserver notes that Apple’s net sales for 2002 were US$5.742 billion, with that 1.5% representing a potential of some $86 million in lost revenue. Apple also said that “since contracts only expired recently, some contracts continue to be signed.” According to the MacObserver, some 50 dealers and resellers in the U.S. are not signing the new agreement that puts specific restrictions on them in dealing with Apple.