ICS Announces BX for Java the Complete Visual Java Builder

New builder provides the world’s most complete solution for developing
UI-intensive mission critical Java applications.

April 8, 2003, Cambridge, MA – Integrated Computer Solutions, Inc., The
User Interface Company, is today announcing the general availability of BX
for Java. This new Java development tool extends the flagship line of BX
builders that lead the market in visual ‘drag-and-drop’ builders that
accelerate successful development and deployment of complex,
mission-critical applications.

“Java has matured to the point that it is being adopted by our core base of
software engineers who are solving aerospace, financial services,
government/military and telecommunications challenges,” said Peter Winston,
ICS’ founder and chief strategist, adding “We’re pleased to respond to
their needs and continue our longstanding commitment to the principle that
all software should be portable, re-usable, and built using open-standards”

BX for Java is a complete platform that allows developers to quickly,
easily, and accurately prototype, build, test, debug, and deploy any pure
AWT or Swing application. Its completely visual interface allows developers
to simply drag-and-drop any Java component (including any JavaBean) into a
layout of their application, customize its operation and appearance, and to
dynamically observe the operation of the application – without compiling.
More than 50,000 common Java functions can be automatically coded with the
help of the included Java Wizard. For database applications, BX for Java
comes complete with full JDBC/ODBC support and its UI-mapping interface and
comprehensive SQL Wizards makes building the UI a snap. The included
Project Browser allows management of all project files and permits users to
access the full-featured Java editor, debugger, and compiler or link to
their own personal favorites. The Remote Testing Module, unique to BX for
Java, allows developers to broadcast their application to an unlimited
number of test workstations with the click of a button. For most Java
developers, BX for Java will prove to be the only tool they need.

Fully-functional evaluation versions of BX for Java are available for free
download at or by calling 1-800-800-4271. All ICS
products include one year of legendary technical support. Hands-on training
courses on the Java development language are also available from ICS.

About ICS
Integrated Computer Solutions, Inc. of Cambridge, MA, The User Interface
Company, provides visual user-interface development tools for professional
software engineers. Since 1987, ICS has been helping software developers
create User Interfaces for world-class, mission-critical applications. ICS’
BX series of GUI builders have become the leading development platform for
high performance Motif applications deployed on Unix/Linux and more
recently Java. ICS’ new line of cross-platform toolkits and GUI builders
extends this functionally to applications deployed on multiple platforms.
ICS also provides custom UI and widget development services, consulting,
and project porting and implementation services. More about ICS can be
found at