Hydra 1.0 Released

Munich, Germany – March 31, 2003
TheCodingMonkeys announce the release of Hydra 1.0

Hydra is a Rendezvous based, collaborative text editor with developer
support. Allows to simultaneously work on text documents on a local network.

Hydra is a collaborative distributed text editor, combining the simplicity
of TextEdit and the power of Rendezvous. It allows to share documents on a
local network (with Rendezvous) or on the internet. Every participating
user can type simultaneously and see what others are typing. You can even
follow others users to see what they are up to.

The idea of collaborative editing is being researched for years, with
notable results. But now, for the first time it has been implemented in a
way you actually want to use. Using Mac OS X 10.2’s unique Rendezvous
feature you don’t have to edit long lists of preferences anymore,
configuring servers and clients. It’s as easy as editing a local file, just
click the share button and type away.

Hydra features true simultaneous editing for multiple users. Text changes
are highlighted in a different color for each user, allowing easy
identification of your coeditors’ changes. The scrollbar indicators give
you a quick overview where others are working in the document. The “follow”
mode even allows you to watch them typing. Hydra’s Rendezvous browser shows
all shared documents in your local network, including name and picture of
the author.

In addition to its rich networking capablities, Hydra does everything you’d
expect from an advanced text editor. Encodings and line endings are handled
seamlessly. Programmers benefit from customizable syntax coloring and
function pop-up, bracket matching and indenting.

Hydra’s Website: http://hydra.globalse.org
About TheCodingMonkeys: http://www.codingmonkeys.de