CyberKey utilizes Digital Rights Management to deliver encrypted digital
content such as music, photos, and software through a USB port to a flash
memory device, such as CyberKey’s USB drives known as CyberKeys, to prevent
illegal copying and theft

ST. GEORGE, Utah – March 20, 2003 – CyberKeyTM (Pink Sheets: CYKY) today
announced it is the first company to decipher the use of Digital Rights
Management technology on Universal Serial Bus memory devices.

As a result, CyberKey will be able to offer partners such as software
developers, recording companies, and other content providers legal and
financial peace of mind that CyberKey users will not be able to illegally
copy or steal digital content loaded onto a CyberKey USB drive. CyberKey
may choose to license or sell its DRM technology to other companies.

“I cannot overstate how huge this development is, both for CyberKey and for
our digital content partners,” said Jim Plant, CyberKey president and chief
executive officer. “No other USB drive developer has been able to crack
this ‘code’ – the ability to encrypt digital content on a USB device so the
applications or media cannot be illegally copied or stolen off that device.
We figured it out, however, and we believe that this ability will attract a
wide variety of potential partners to us.”

Deployed on computers and electronics devices running Microsoft-based
software platforms (such as Windows XP and Windows Media Player), Digital
Rights Management is a technique used to digitally encrypt copyrightable
data and prevent it from being copied from one device to another.

“Music publishers have seen significant revenue declines for the past 30
months, and a big part of these declines is tied directly to illegal
downloads and copying of songs off the Internet,” Plant said. “I believe
the worldwide use of USB drives (such as our CyberKeys) is going to be
huge. Until now, however, no one has been able to figure out how to protect
the legal and financial rights of the content publishers with these USB
devices, but we have, and that’s a big deal for CyberKey Corporation.”

With a CyberKey USB drive, users can easily transport large amounts of
electronic data and software applications from one computing device to
another as long as the devices come equipped with a USB port, which is a
standard feature in virtually all personal computers shipped today.
CyberKeys are “plug and play” devices capable running on most popular
operating systems without device drivers, including Macintosh, Linux and
Windows (after Windows98). A device roughly the size of an adult’s “pinky”
finger, CyberKeys can store up to one Gigabyte (1GB) of electronic data per
device, including copyrighted data that can now be protected using
CyberKey’s DRM technology.

Based in St. George, Utah, CyberKey Corporation partners with industry
leaders to market USB drive solutions to vertical markets, such as the
automotive, education, entertainment, finance, and medical arenas. CyberKey
technologies allow users to easily and securely transport and utilize large
amounts of electronic data and the attendant software applications from one
electronic device to another by utilizing Universal Serial Bus (USB)
drives, addressing serious issues of data portability and accessibility in
the process while creating new market opportunities at the same time. For
more information, visit CyberKey’s Web site at