Casady & Greene is pleased to announce the release of Clone’X, the tool
that allows you to Clone, Restore and Copy your system to one or multiple
computers. Clone’X, originally developed by TED in France, was the first
System duplication and restore tool for Mac OS X. Clone’X supports Mac OS
10.x, as well as Mac OS 8.6-9.x.

Casady & Greene has signed a distribution agreement with TED (TRI-EDRE
DEVELOPMENTS), developers of software for the French market, to bring
Clone’X and the soon-to-be-released Tri-CATALOG to the US and Canadian

Thierry Rolland, President of TED said, “We are very excited to have
Clone’X distributed and supported by Casady & Greene, enhancing this
powerful utility for the Mac community. As a Macintosh utility developer,
we are proud to offer software products for the exciting Mac OS X operating

A clone or copy of your system can restore a damaged or corrupted system.
Clone’X is a must-have tool which can be used to:

* Easily create and update System clones for Mac OS X, Mac OS 9.x and
* Save your System clone on internal hard disks, external hard disks,
and CDs
* Immediately restore the System if it gets damaged or corrupted
* Quickly copy your System onto other disks or computers
* Safely make a bootable Copy of all data on a hard drive or partition

A clone or copy of your system is a nifty thing to have if you ever
experience a damaged or corrupted system. A damaged or corrupted system
may happen:

* If you recently completed a system update and the update wreaks havoc
with the printer drivers, etc…
* When updating applications to newer versions and the updates make
your system…or you…unhappy

Using Clone’X, you can instantly restore the stable system you had

Feature-rich Clone’X can:
* Clone with or without applications
* Create multiple clones
* Create a copy of a complete System on a hard drive or partition
* Save a clone on internal hard disks, external hard disks and CDs
* Easily restore a System from a copy or clone
* Clone or copy Mac OS 10.x and Mac OS 9.x systems, and much more

Clone’X is available for only $49.95 as an electronic download from the
C&G web site at ( The physical product will be
shipping soon.

For more information on Clone’X, please visit the Clone’X product page
located at (

System Requirements:
* Shipping version 1.10
* Mac OS 10.x or later (including OS X Server)
* Mac OS 8.6-9.x with CarbonLib 1.4 or later

Created in 1991 by Thierry Rolland, CEO, TRI-EDRE and TED are two
companies involved in developing and distributing powerful and
easy-to-use utilities for Macintosh and Windows platforms.

TED (TRI-EDRE DEVELOPMENTS), which created products such as Clone’X,
Tri-CATALOG and Tri-BACKUP, is the software development division within
TRI-EDRE, which distributes and markets software in France. TED’s
products are distributed worldwide, with distributors in the USA,
Japan, Germany, etc.

About Casady & Greene:
Casady & Greene has published innovative software products for business
and consumer needs since 1984.

The list below exemplifies the award-winning standards that have been
synonymous with Casady & Greene software since 1984. These high
standards are being continued on the Windows platform as well. If you
need the experience and contacts to bring your Macintosh or Windows
program to market, we can help. Learn more about publishing
opportunities by contacting us today!

Our impressive list of “firsts” on the Mac includes:
* First carbonized product for Mac OS X-2000
* First full-featured MP3 player/encoder for the Macintosh-1999
* First system utility to receive a perfect 5-star rating from Macworld
* First Power Mac Native game-1994
* First Power Mac Native startup manager-1994
* One of the first to produce a commercial Newton game-1993
* First Macintosh color game-1988
* First downloadable Postscript fonts-1984