Monkeybread Software Germany releases version 3.1 of their REALbasic
Plugin Collection.

A lot of new stuff is in the plugin showing a thousand new functions
like compiling AppleScript code on the fly, compressing files using
Stuffit, captureing images from digital cameras, adding global menus to
the menu bar on Mac OS X or just encrypt data.

This plugin adds around 4400 functions, methods and classes to
REALbasic. Growed over the last two years this plugin covers this main

* Encryption using RC4 and hashes using SHA1.
* Support for Image Captureing (Scanner and digital cameras)
* Stuffit classes.
* Statusitems (menus near the clock on Mac OS X).
* Information classes for the current Midi configuration.
* Classes for DiscRecording on Mac OS X 10.2
* pdflib support in the Addon plugin named
“Monkeybread Software Pro Plugin”
* Support for the Dock Tile Menu
* A Rendezvous network class for Mac OS X 10.2.
* A KeyCodes class for converting ascii chars to key codes.
* Functions to set the System UI Mode.
This can be used to disable Force Quit on Mac OS X!
* Carbon Events classes for global hot keys and services.
* A class called Mac Picture to create vector images which you can copy
into Apple Works and edit there.
* Importing pictures using a QuickTime Graphics Importer classes.
* Support for the notification center on Mac OS X.
* Quicktime Video and Audio recording.
* CoreGraphics support to create PDF files on Mac OS X.
* Support for a Console Window on Windows.
* Internet Config support.
* Mac OS X Spell Checking.
* Functions to manage Mac OS X login items list.
* Support for transparent document windows on Mac OS X.
* Detailed information about volumes on Windows.
* Classes to deal with icons on Mac OS.
* A class for multi string search.
* Keychain classes.
* WakeNotifier to see when your Mac sleeps.
* Packetsocket for easier socket sending/receiving.
* Window System Tray class.
* URLaccess class for easy down- and uploading.
* IO Registry of Mac OS X for hardware details.
* Addressbook classes for Mac OS X 10.2
* (Internet)Shortcuts for Windows.
* Mac Font managing functions and classes
* Packet sending Socket.
* Virtual Memory informations.
* SCSI Device list.
* File Downloads using Quicktime.
* Colormatching crossplatform or using Colorsync on Mac OS.
* Mouting Apple Share Volumes.
* Easy Alias handling.
* Usefull classes for Menu changes, Standardalert, File Permission.
* HTML Viewer Control
* Base 64 encode and decode
* Usefull functions like Screenshot, Networkavailable
* Streams for files bigger than 2 GB, Resourcefork and a stream in RAM.
* Endian Functions and Endian methods for the memoryblock class.
* Compression and Decompression of data and pictures including JPEG, PNG
and TIFF files without the need of QuickTime.
* VideoForWindows class to play movies on Windows 95 and newer without
* Filemapping
* Resolution changing from Realbasic including fading.
* Monitoring of Events inside your application.
* Access to special folders.
* Serial Port with up to 230 kBit/s.
* CRC calculation
* Several Hardware Information functions and access to the Name
Registry. (including drive serial number for hard disks)
* Extending Realbasics internal classes like Movie, Movieplayer,
Memoryblock, Picture and Application.
* A process class to list the running applications.
* Classes to access the Windows Registry for loading and storing
* Access to Windows’ Environment variables.
* Simulation of keyboard typing (presskey class).
* Creating and resolving aliases.
* SharedObjects on Windows to handle multiple launches of your
* Lots of small utility functions…

You can download the plugin archive at:

Help for the plugin is available as HTML files (on the website and in
the download package) and as a seperated PDF file.

For questions and announcements you may subscribe to our email list at

The plugin is available on a shareware fee which is $80 for commercial
use and $40 for shareware, freeware and private use. You can test the
plugins for free within the REALbasic IDE. Updates for users from 2002.

(Support or new versions of the plugin in the next years after
registration are offered for a low update price, but you can continue to
develop for years with the old plugin versions.)

Details on the new stuff:
(cut from the release notes and shorted)

* Added a class called SHA1 for hashes of strings.
* Added a class called RC4 for encryption of strings.
* Added a class extension to the Scrollbar Control on a Mac to use 32bit
* Added support for zip and JPEG compression to the Tiff plugin.
* Added Image Capture classes. (plugin part 88!)
* Added Stringhandle class.
* Added the class “AppleScriptMBS” for compiling and executing Apple
Scripts in RB.
* Added DarwinChmodMBS class.
* Added Stuffit classes. You need to license Stuffit for yourself if you
use it.
* Added Cocoa Menu stuff to do a StatusItem on Mac OS X.
* Added classes for Mac OS X Midi Information.
* Added a Base64MBS class so you get events about the process.
* Added WindowsTaskbarState class.

* Added QTGrabberClassMBS.OutputToPicture to redirect the preview of a
camera into a picture object.
* Added OverlayWindowMBS.EatMouseEvents property. If set the overlay
window will work on Mac OS X 10.1.x and it will be opaque to mouse
events (but you can currently not get them handled).
* Added picture.ChangeBrightnessAbsolute and
* Added process.QuitProcess function and process.lasterror property.
* The process.visible property may be setable on Mac OS Classic. Please
test and report.
* Added folderitem.DarwinVolumeName and folderitem.DarwinMediaClass.
* Renamed SetStringEncoding to SetEncodingOfString and GetStringEncoding
to GetEncodingOfString. With RB5 you should never need them.
* Extended the Authorization stuff to support individual rights. You may
need to change your source code to add the additional function
parameters with “(nil,0)”.
* Added EncodingToISO8859 and DecodingFromISO8859 functions for
ISO 8859-1 encoding.
* EncodeBase64 and DecodeBase64 are disabled in RB5 because they
conflict with the built in base 64 functions from RB5. use the class
instead which also provides events for showing a progress bar.
* Added WindowsEthernet class to get information about all installed
* Ethernet ports on Windows.
* Added DisplayMBS.update to update properties after resolution change.
* Added System.HelpTagDisplayed and System.HelpTagDelay for use in
Mac OS X.
* The System.MacAddress function now supports Windows.
* Added support to Folderitem.VolumeInformation for Mac OS versions
before 9.0.
* Added KeyCodesMBS.KeyCodeToAsciiWithSecondKeyCode.
* Added Folderitem.FinderUpdate to tell the Finder to update the look of
an item.
* Added DisplayMBS.NativeGamma to change directly the gamma table.
* Added MBSPluginVersion function.
* Added to the QTGrabber class values for black leve, brightness,
contrast, hue, saturation, sharpness and white level.
* Added System.WindowsSystemMetrics.
* Added function for X-Face image compression and decompression
(for usenet applications).
* Added EncodingToQuotedPrintable and DecodingToQuotedPrintable for
making email and news application.

Christian Schmitz

Three thousand functions in one REALbasic plug-in. The MBS Plugin.