Subject: [ANN] Blugs 1.2 Open Source Released

For immediate release. I am pleased to announce that the Mac OS
DataBrowser’s foremost competitor, the Blugs List Management Engine, is now
available under an extremely liberal open source license. Today’s release
is the “Developer Seed” 1.2d3, meaning that the number of bugs is
potentially infinite and the API is not yet fixed. Scared? Neither am I.

Blugs has been around for several years; it has a small following of
developers who seem to really like it. Yet somehow a library that was
designed for System 7 compatibility is at a disadvantage under OS X….

Now it is time for us to do something about that.

If you are sick of messing with DataBrowser, waiting to get questions
answered, waiting to get bugs fixed, waiting (or trying) to figure out what
capabilities were present in a given version of CarbonLib, then I invite
you to try my implementation. I give no apologies. If you don’t like it
then just return to DataBrowser or fix the stinkin’ bugs yourself. You can
implement your own kickass features. Can you do that with DB? You can set
breakpoints in the Blugs source code. Can you do that with DB? (I suppose
you *could* if you enjoyed reading lots of “lwz”)

People have suggested to me that Blugs’ stability and feature set are far
beyond what one may expect of DB. I owe it to the development community to
make this asset available. Work is required to get Blugs running flawlessly
under OS X, but I intend to work aggressively. It is *my baby*. I hope you
will contribute some of your own time and enthusiasm.

Please note carefully that Blugs’ ZLib or Perl Artistic License allow for
embedding in commercial/closed-source software. We can and should be a de
facto standard. Almost any project that makes its implementation open to
you the developer, has the potential to become such a standard. All that is
lacking is *your* adoption and support.

Please visit for additional information. All inquiries are
more than welcome.
Thank you for your attention.

Moses Hall
Blugs LME Lead Developer