Over the course of the past week, MacDesktops has posted 14 new desktop pictures, including: Doodle (Art – Illustration), Einstein on Imagination (Miscellaneous), Fireworks (Sky), and Matrix Revisited (Movies). Mandolux has issued 6 new desktops: 3 Vector-based desktops (Techno/Christy/Survivor), 1 Money 2K2 (Mexico), 1 Fire & Flames (Logs/Chimney), and 1 zenas | closer (Abstract). MacMonkies has added 7 new desktops and 2 new icon sets to their collection. Resexcellence has posted 18 new desktops and 7 icon sets. Xicons has added 6 new icon sets for Mac OS X: Mr. Rogers, Simple Dock, Pinboy’s Tiki, Transparent Buttons, Skulls, Radiation. Finally, icons.cx and DV Graphics have both released new icon sets.