Objective Development announces Little Snitch for Mac OS X

Vienna, Austria – February 25, 2003 — Objective Development, makers of the
popular LaunchBar utility, today announced the availability of Little
Snitch for Mac OS X, the company’s new must have security application that
monitors outgoing network connections.

Little Snitch hooks into the operating system and monitors all
applications, system utilities and other Unix processes for outgoing
network connections. It intercepts the connection and brings up an alert
panel with connection details including the name of the application which
initiated the connection. The user has the choice to allow the connection,
deny it or to add a permanent rule for similar connections.

Due to the application centric design, Little Snitch is much more than a
simple firewall. It is an efficient weapon against applications which phone
home, internet worms, trojans and other network parasites, not affecting
normal operation. By adding rules dynamically, it learns your preferences.
After a couple of days, you will rarely notice Little Snitch any more, but
it still watches every outgoing network connection to protect you.

Pricing and availability

Little Snitch 1.0.2 for Mac OS X is available now and can be downloaded from


Little Snitch provides a free, built-in demo mode with all the
functionality of the registered version. The only limitation is that it
will disable itself after three hours and you must start it again manually.

Licenses are are available for USD 24.95 per seat (online purchase over
Internet only). Upgrading from previous versions is free, the old license
keys are still valid.

Contact Information

Objective Development
Heger, Schwarzott, Starkjohann & Tiefenbrunner OEG
Karl Schwarzott, Technical Director & Marketing
Porschestrasse 13-15/10/1
Phone: +43(1)60936506
Fax: +43(1)60936504
e-mail: littlesnitch@obdev.at
web: http://www.obdev.at/