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Cumulus 5.5.2 from Canto

Cumulus 5.5.2 includes various improvements, enhanced compatibility with
Mac OS X in Classic Mode as well as improved OPI support and more

Berlin, Germany =96 February 24, 2003 =96 Canto, the global leader in Digita=
Asset Management solutions, today announced the immediate availability of
Cumulus 5.5.2, a free upgrade to its award-winning, cross platform line of
Digital Asset Management solutions for enterprises, workgroups and single
users. Cumulus 5.5.2 is a service update to previous versions. In addition
to bug fixes and improved user handling it includes enhancements in
compatibility with Mac OS X Classic Mode and enhanced OPI.

Cumulus 5.5.2 will be offered with an Update Installer so that the update
process of earlier 5.5.x versions is simplified, for example, all settings
for the Information Window will be converted from 5.x to 5.5.2, so updating
no longer requires users to set those settings all over.

Cumulus 5.5.2 also offers an enhanced Pix Asset Converter which enables
digital images cataloged in Cumulus to be converted into JPEG, TIFF and BMP
formats, as well as conversion into RGB, CMYK and Greyscale color spaces
with the simple click of a button. Changes in size per pixel, percentage
and resolution are also possible.

In addition to over 130 different filters under Mac OS and Windows Cumulus
5.5.2 also includes numerous filters for the Unix platform. All filters
released after the 5.5.1 release are now included in 5.5.2, containing
filters for cataloging and reading specific metadata from EPS, PDF, BMP,
IPTC, PNG, PBM and generic Unix files.

“As many times before, we received valuable ideas from our users on how to
enhance functionality and performance of our software,” said Jennifer
Neumann, CEO of Canto. “This Upgrade also includes program improvements
that will be valuable to most of our customers.”

The Cumulus OPI support will now also be available in connection with
Server/Client AssetTransfer, a functionality of the Workgroup and
Enterprise Edition. Thus, users of Web Publisher Pro receive even more
flexibility and security for their assets offered on the web.

Also included in delivery is a Quark XTension update enabling users to Drag
& Drop from Cumulus into Quark XPress 5.x. This XTension has been developed
by Excalibur, a Cumulus Development Partner.

Availability and Pricing

Cumulus 5.5.2 is immediately available for Mac OS, Windows, UNIX (Linux,
Solaris) in English, German, French and Japanese.

This service update will be available free of charge for owners of a
Cumulus 5.5 version. Customers working with an older Cumulus version may
purchase an upgrade =96 price to be determined by specific user configuratio=

For more information on all Cumulus products and services and to download
demo versions go to:


About Canto
Founded in 1990, Canto is the leading supplier of Digital Asset Management
products and services with over 1 million Cumulus licenses sold and more
than 10,000 client/server systems installed worldwide. Canto is committed
to deliver world-class solutions at an inexpensive price to the creative
arts, publishing, corporate communications and other industries. The
company’s product line =93Cumulus=94 is designed to manage and archive all
types of digital assets used in production, publishing, communication, and
other workflows. The Cumulus product line offers cross-platform and
Internet technology that scales completely from Enterprise to Single Users.

About Cumulus
Cumulus 5.5 is the perfect archiving system for multimedia data (aka media
assets or digital assets). The Cumulus 5.5 platform also offers a flexible
base for any kind of workflow solution for assets in production. Cumulus is
a high-end application for managing and publishing all types of media
assets such as images, layouts, presentations, video, audio and text. The
program offers powerful search capabilities, comprehensive customizing
options, e.g. user-definable fields, and Internet access, incl. HTML
export, e-mailing and more. When cataloging your digital assets Cumulus
automatically reads the contained metadata, creates a thumbnail and
references to the original data – no matter which storage media they are
on. The Cumulus product line consists of three Editions: Single User,
Workgroup, Enterprise, as well as additional Options offered either by
Canto or Partner companies.

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