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Canto Announces Cumulus for Mac OS X

Canto Announces Cumulus for Mac OS X

The entire Cumulus product line soon available for Mac OS X

January 9, 2003, San Francisco, Berlin, Tokyo, Paris. Canto, the global
leader in Digital Asset Management solutions, today announced the
availability of Mac OS X versions of the Cumulus Client Software as well as
of the Cumulus Single User Edition. Server products and Cumulus Options
have been available as OS X versions for quite some time now, with this
announcement Canto again emphasizes the commitment to the Macintosh

As soon as Apple=92s new operating system was launched Canto offered all
Server products for Mac OS X. For the first time in the company history the
Enterprise Edition was then also available for the Macintosh platform.
Shortly after the Cumulus Server Options were also available as Mac OS X
versions. The latest product releases like such as Web Publisher Pro,
Cumulus HELIOS Companion and Internet Client Pro for Mac OS X point out the
significance Canto holds for the Macintosh platform. A first Cumulus Client
version for Mac OS X was showcased at the press conference at Mac World San
Francisco 2003.

=93Especially with Web Publisher Pro and Internet Client Pro we responded to
customer demands and offer state of the art JSP and Java based Web
solutions. With these products users have outstanding tools to publish and
to market their digital assets, with the Internet Client Pro they can also
integrate their customers into their production workflow perfectly=94, said
Ulrich Knocke, Canto=92s Product Manager. =93However, a native Client will
remain the first choice if it comes to realizing the local workflow, such
as database publishing solutions. In this case a Cumulus Client will be
combined with layout programs into a complete solution, using automation
interfaces, for example.=94

=93I am happy that we’ll be able to complete the port of our entire product
line to MacOS X this year=94, said Jennifer Neumann, CEO of Canto.
=93Unfortunately, the transition to MacOS X turned out to be a lengthy and
expensive process for us. But I am confident that the features and
performance we’ll be able to offer on that modern operating system will
make it a great solution for our customers. Especially the server releases
we’ve already completed have shown a significant step up in performance and
stability over installations on older versions of the MacOS.=94

Price and Availability
Mac OS X versions of the Cumulus Client software for Workgroup and
Enterprise Editions as well as the Single User Edition will be available at
the end of September 2003. Customers who signed an UAP (Upgrade Advantage
Program) agreement for their Cumulus Edition will get the respective
upgrade to the versions according ti their contract within the UAP.
Upgrades for products, for which no UAP has been signed or for which no UAP
is offered, will be available at attractive conditions. Prices will be
announced at a later point.

For more information on all Canto products and services and to download
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