Reliabit Releases MDDS 1.1 which includes a new integrated relay subsystem
for transmitting multicast data over non multicast enabled networks,
distributed file user and permission preservation, user interface
improvements, revised documentation and bug fixes.

The Reliabit Multicast Data Distribution System is an IP Multicast based
file transfer system. The system is designed to transmit files from one
computer to a large number of target computers simultaneously and
efficiently. The system offers security features for the encryption of data
in transit, packet correction of multicast data, and distribution

Pricing is targeted towards enterprise customers and is sold on a site
license basis.

New Features:

* TCP/IP relay subsystem for relaying multicast data over networks that are
not multicast enabled

* Web interface for configuring the relay subsystem integrated into MDDS

* Users settings have an additional checkbox to enable local multicast

* Users and permission file/directory settings preservation for copied data

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