BOULDER, CO – February 5, 2003 – New Millennium Communications, Inc., a
FileMaker Solutions Alliance Partner, announces the immediate availability of
ScriptOrganizer for FileMaker Pro, running on Windows 95-XP and Macintosh OS
8/9 and OS X.

– Tired of dragging your scripts one by one?
– Too much trouble to even get around to doing it?
– Do you want to alphabetize subsets of your scripts?
– Does your computer scroll too fast to move scripts easily?

Download ScriptOrganizer from our web site now!

What is ScriptOrganizer?

ScriptOrganizer is a simple yet powerful tool which enables developers to
efficiently organize scripts in ScriptMaker.

– Many scripts can be selected at once and then moved as a block to a
different point in the list of scripts.
– Contiguous or discontiguous scripts can be selected.
– A block of scripts can be selected and then sorted alphabetically.
– The only limitation is that the files must be closed at the time.
– You can now organize all of your scripts in all of your files from a single
…. in fact, the interface is a FileMaker Pro file!

ScriptOrganizer also has a feature which enables the removal of the word
“imported” from the end of all script names in a file. When scripts are
imported by FileMaker Pro’s “Import Scripts” feature, the word “imported” is
appended to the scripts. Now you can remove them all at once!

In ScriptOrganizer you can also select which scripts you want to display in
the Scripts menu.

ScriptOrganizer is fully compatible with all .FP5 and .FP3 files – that is,
FileMaker Pro 6, 5.x, 4.x, and 3.0. The user must have master access
privileges to the files. It runs on Windows 95-XP, MacOS 8.5-9.2, and MacOS
X, and requires FMP 5.0 or later.

ScriptOrganizer can be downloaded from

For more information, please visit our web site or contact us at