JeepSafari: Safari bookmarks to go

We all use and love Safari, it’s already a great browser. Organising
bookmarks is easier than ever before, but wouldn’t is be nice if the
bookmarks you add on your iMac at work, would show up on your PowerBook
at home? Now it’s possible with JeepSafari. Think of it as iSync for

Organize your bookmarks on one of your Macs. Then run JeepSafari. When
you start working on another Mac, just run JeepSafari again. All your
bookmarks now show up on the other Mac as well. Every time you
add/change bookmarks on any of your Macs, just run JeepSafari. Your
bookmarks will stay in sync.

JeepSafari requires Mac OS X 10.2 or later and a .Mac account.
JeepSafari is freeware.

To read more about JeepSafari, please visit the SweetCocoa website at
To directly download JeepSafari, point your browser to

For more information contact us at: