Pulp profiling tool for REALbasic Applications

The La Jolla Underground is proud to announce the immediate availability of
Pulp Public Preview 1.

Pulp is a profiling tool for use with the REALbasic development
environment. It can add timing code to every method and event in your
REALbasic project, which can then be saved as either a tab delimited file
or as a Metrowerks Profiler document, which allows viewing of the results
using the MW Profiler application. Complete stack information is preserved
for every call, so you can view performance of functions that are called
from a particular parent. You can also monitor the number of times a
function was called, how long you spent in only that function (total and
average), how long you spent in that function with it’s sub-calls (total
and average) and the minimum and maximum times spent in the call. Since
timing code is inserted everywhere, you can easily search for bottlenecks
in even the largest projects with almost no effort. Adding and removing
profiling code is as easy as saving your project as xml and dropping it on
the Pulp application. Timing code will be added or removed as appropriate.

The Pulp Public Preview is an early release of the product. It has received
some testing, but is not a final release. We are providing this Public
Preview as a way of collecting feedback from the broader market before
releasing the final version. It is nearly, but not entirely, feature
complete. We expect to make changes and enhancements based on user feedback
before releasing a final version. As our way of thanking you for purchasing
the Public Preview, we are reducing the cost of Pulp by 50%. Instead of the
normal $20 (US) we are, for a limited time, charging only $10 (US).
Purchasing the Public Preview entitles you to a license of the final
product at no additional charge. Pay less now and get the product sooner!
Act Now! Don’t delay!

Pulp may be found at http://www.ljug.com/sw/pulp.html

Pulp is made in REALbasic. Please send any comments to pulp@ljug.com

Thank you.

–Brady Duga
The La Jolla Underground