SoftIntegration Ch 3.5 Now Available

DAVIS, Calif., Jan 21, 2003 – SoftIntegration, Inc. today announced the
availability of Ch 3.5, the newest version of C/C++ interpreter for cross
platform scripting, 2D/3D plotting, shell programming and numerical

Ch 3.5 continues SoftIntegration’s leadership in scripting, 2D/3D plotting
and numerical computing. Major product enhancements include command line
editing in Ch shell and more advanced scripting features for shell
programming and numerical computing.

“SoftIntegration Ch provides an unmatched level of power and flexibility in
powerful C/C++ scripting,” said Dr. Dawn Cheng, General Manager at
SoftIntegration. “We are delivering the most robust and feature-packed
scripting technology.”

* C/C++ interpreter

Ch supports 1990 ISO C Standard (C90), major features in C99, classes in
C++. Ch also supports many Industry standard and third party software
packages including POSIX, X11/Motif, OpenGL, ODBC, XML, GTK+, Win32, CGI,
socket/Winsock, Intel OpenCV and National Instrument’s Data Acquisition
toolkit NI-DAQ. Ch is also a very effective interactive environment for
teaching and learning programming in C/C++ with new features in the latest
C99 standard.

* Shell programming and cross-platform scripting

Ch shell is C compatible shell while C-shell (csh) is a C like shell. Ch is
an interpretive implementation of C, similar to Unix/MS-DOS shells. Ch can
also be used as a login shell just like sh, csh, and ksh. Ch bridges the
gap between the C language and shell languages. With its built-in string
type and many enhanced scripting features, Ch is an alternative to other
scripting languages for automating repetitive tasks, regression test, and
hardware teting.

* 2D/3D plotting and numerical computing

Ch supports 2D/3D graphical plotting, C LAPACK, high level numeric
functions. Ch has built-in 2D/3D plotting support, generic mathematic
functions and computational arrays for linear algebra and matrix
computations, and advanced high-level numerical functions for linear
systems, differential equation solving, integration, non-linear equations,
Fourier analysis, curve fitting, etc. For example, linear system equation b
= A*x can be written verbatim in Ch.

Its numerical extensions to C makes Ch the best choice for numerical
computing in C/C++ domain. With SoftIntegration graphical library (SIGL),
the same program using 2D/3D plotting features can be executed in Ch or
compiled using C++ compilers without any modification.

* Embeddable scripting

Ch 3.5 is optimized for embedded scripting. Embedded Ch allows users to
embed or plugin Ch into other C/C++ application programs and hardware. It
is ideal for open-architecture application integration. With Embedded Ch,
C/C++ applications can be extended with all features of Ch. Embedded Ch has
a small footprint. The pointer and time deterministic nature of the C
language provides a perfect interface with hardware in real-time systems.

* Pricing and Availability

Ch for Windows, Linux, Solaris, Mac OS X and HP-UX is available. Ch
Standard Edition version 3.5 for Unix, Linux and Mac OS X is now free for
personal, academic and commercial use. Ch Standard Edition 3.5 for Windows
costs $99. Ch Professional Edition costs $999. The academic and volume
discount is available.

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