WiebeTech introduces FireWire Encrypt

WICHITA, KS – January 7, 2003 – WiebeTech announces a new patent pending
encrypting storage technology entitled “FireWire Encrypt.” This technology
allows a storage device to be a self-contained encryption/decryption system.

“FireWire Encrypt represents a breakthrough in data security and storage
technology,” said James Wiebe, CEO of WiebeTech. “We will publicly
demonstrate the technology for the first time from WiebeTech’s booth #1651
at MacWorld San Francisco January 7 through January 10.

“This patent pending technology provides important benefits to the user
which improve portability of encrypted data while simultaneously increasing
the security of the data. First and foremost, the encryption and
decryption occurs ‘on the fly’ within the storage enclosure, not in the
host computer. As a result, the encrypted volume is much easier to use
compared to software host based encrypting/decrypting programs. The
technology is also very robust, because it is based on the the United
States National Institute of Standards and Technology Advanced Encryption
Standard (AES), which in turn is based on highly unbreakable Rijndael
encryption techniques.

“While first versions of this product require the user to supply a pass
phrase to the encrypted storage device through a user installed applet, we
expect to eventually see integration of the technology directly into the
operating system so that pass key prompting occurs by the operating system
whenever an encrypted drive is attached to the host computer.’

The technology is not yet available for sale, but will be offered as a
licensable technology to interested parties. WiebeTech will also make the
technology available as an embedded feature in future product offerings.


Embedded Encryption within the Storage Device: Encryption and decryption do
not require installation of any software on the host computer other than a
pass phrase applet.

Encrypted File Structures and Partition Tables: FireWire Encrypt provides
substantially improved security over software based encryption techniques
by encrypting user data, file structures and partition tables.

AES / Rijndael Encryption: Virtually unbreakable; compatible with
government mandated standards for private sector data security.

In addition to the listed key features, FireWire Encrypt contains other
proprietary patent pending nonpublic features that improve security of the
user’s data.

About WiebeTech

WiebeTech LLC was founded in July 2000 by James Wiebe and is focused
on delivering the very finest storage technology for personal computing.