Crywolf and Noren Products today announced that they have teamed up to produce new enclosures to “meet the specific needs of Apple customers for noise reduction, heat dissipation, size, style and affordability.” The CoolMac Silencer Series of enclosures, which will be shown next week at Macworld Expo (booth #3827), use Noren’s proprietary heat pipe and air flow technologies to provide 100% silent cooling which eliminates the need for external fans, reducing the noise of an Apple Xserve from 82 dB to 38 dB and a PowerMac G4 from 65 dB to 37 dB. The CoolMac Silencer product family begins with the gCab and xCab. The gCab holds a PowerMac G4 and a few external optical drives. The xCab can be configured to hold either 6 Xserves, 4 Xserves and 1 xRAID, 3 Xserves and 1 RAID, or 1 Xserve and 2 RAIDs, or any non-Apple rack mount server 31″ in length.