Available Now, Virtual PC 6.0, Delivers Speed-Enhanced, Powerful New
Features and Benefits for OS X Users

SAN MATEO, CA — December 19, 2002 — Connectix, a leading provider of
cross-platform compatibility software, today announced the immediate
availability of Virtual PC=99 for Mac, version 6.0, a major new release of
its widely-used and award-winning software solution that runs PC-based
operating systems and applications on Macintosh computers. This newest
generation of the company=92s flagship product delivers improved performance
for Mac users running Mac OS X — especially those using the latest version
of Jaguar — and is a “must have” product for anyone migrating to Mac OS X.

“Virtual PC for Mac, Version 6.0 makes it easier than ever for users to run
and access Windows=AE applications and files, which greatly expands the
capabilities of their Mac,” said Kurt Schmucker, Vice President of Mac
Products at Connectix. “A key feature puts Windows applications right in
the Mac OS X Dock which brings the Mac-to-Windows integration to an
entirely new level.” Virtual PC 6.0 is a cost-effective way to allow Mac
users to access PC-based opportunities otherwise unavailable, such as
sharing Windows-based files from friends, family members, and business
colleagues, as well as gaining access to Web sites restricted to PC users.

Better Integration and Improved Performance for Jaguar Users Those users
running Virtual PC 6.0 on the latest version of Mac OS X (version 10.2.3)
can experience up to 25% improved performance. Virtual PC 6.0 can launch
Windows applications directly from the Mac OS X Dock, and can also display
the Windows Start Menu on the Mac desktop. The newest release also provides
Desktop Drive Mounting for backing-up Windows files more easily, and allows
users to employ Mac OS tools like Sherlock to search for PC files. Because
of the added speed, the improved integration between Mac and Windows, and
the ease of use factor for Jaguar users, this latest Connectix release is
essential for both existing Virtual PC users and those migrating to Mac OS

Virtual PC for Mac version 6.0 runs in both Mac OS X and Mac OS 9. Virtual
PC 6.0 continues to allow users to run multiple versions of Windows on the
same Mac, and change from one Windows operating system to another at the
click of a mouse. New features include automatic detection of USB printers,
full-screen video support for all Apple monitors, including the Apple
Cinema HD Display 23, and self-contained configurations, which make it
simpler to transfer virtual machines between Macs.

Virtual PC 6.0 Available Immediately
Virtual PC 6.0 Upgrade (estimated street price of $99/USD) and Virtual PC
6.0 with DOS (estimated street price of $129/USD) are both available now
for download from the Connectix Web site ( Additional
bundles of Virtual PC for Mac Version 6.0 will be available by the end of
December at the Connectix online store, including Windows XP Home and
Windows 98 (estimated street price of $219/USD each) and Windows 2000 and
Windows XP Professional (estimated street price of $249/USD each). All will
be available from Mac resellers worldwide, including Apple retail locations.

For customers who purchased Virtual PC for Mac, version 5.0, between
November 1, 2002 and March 31, 2003, special pricing is available and
details can be found at the Connectix Web site.

The Connectix OS Packs, a companion product to Virtual PC, come with
Windows operating systems pre-installed and pre-configured, allowing users
to add additional Windows operating systems without having to go through a
complex installation process.

About Connectix Corporation
Founded in 1988 and based in San Mateo, California, Connectix is a leading
provider of cross-platform compatibility software. The company develops
innovative, award-winning software products designed to increase
productivity and expand hardware capability by allowing individuals, as
well as department and enterprise users, to cross the boundaries of today’s
computing environments effortlessly. For more information on Virtual PC for
Mac Version 6.0 and other Connectix products, please visit their web site