Trolltech’s new multiplatform scripting toolkit tightly integrates with the
Qt libraries to provide a powerful combination of C++ and script-based
interfaces for developers

OSLO, Norway and SANTA CLARA, Calif. – December 18, 2002 -Trolltech, the
leading provider of single-source, multiplatform C++ software development
tools, today announced the beta release of Qt Script for Applications
(QSA). QSA is Trolltech’s new multiplatform scripting toolkit for Qt-based
application developers.

QSA lets developers and end-users extend and customize Qt applications
through a powerful ECMA standard scripting environment.

“QSA was designed to provide Qt developers with the ability to create
extendable, customizable applications without having to re-release a new
version of their application every time a small modification is needed,”
said Eirik Eng, Trolltech president. “By tightly integrating the scripting
libraries, most Qt applications are inherently scriptable. Applications do
not need to be re-written to implement this functionality, which we feel is
one of the key strengths to QSA.”

Key components of QSA include:

QSA library: This integrates into Qt and allows C++ application developers
to make their Qt-based applications scriptable.

Qt Script: An easy-to-learn, multiplatform, interpreted scripting language.
Qt Script is based on ECMAScript, which is also the foundation of

Qt Scripter: A multiplatform Integrated Development Environment (IDE) that
can be deployed on a royalty-free basis with QSA-enabled Qt applications.
End users and VARs (Value Added Resellers) can use Qt Scripter to visually
design custom forms, and to write, run and debug forms and Qt Script code
in script-enabled applications.

C++ developers may create a script-enabled Qt application by specifying
which features should be scriptable. The script-enabled application may
then be distributed, including QSA libraries, and the Qt Scripter. This
allows VARs, support staff, or end customers to customize the application
to meet their specific needs.

Key features and benefits:

* QSA is tightly integrated with Qt, eliminating the need for bindings or
* Includes a royalty-free IDE, with a powerful debugger
* Allows base applications to be customized to meet specific customer
* Utilizes the same ‘Signals and Slots’ mechanism as Qt
* Source code is provided
* Many fixes, updates and work-arounds can be provided using scripts for
fast response to customers without having to create premature new versions.
* Value Added Resellers (VARs) can provide additional value via
customizations for their customers
* QSA makes both Qt and application-specific C++ classes scriptable

Pricing and Availability
QSA pricing will be announced on a date closer to the final release. QSA
1.0 is expected to be released in Q2, 2003. Evaluation versions are now
available to Qt license holders. Please contact
for more information.

QSA will be released under a commercial license for Linux/Unix (X11),
Windows and Mac platforms. Additionally, QSA will be released under the GPL
for free software development on the Linux/Unix (X11) platforms.

About Trolltech
Trolltech is a software company with two flagship products: Qt and Qtopia.
Qt is a multiplatform C++ application framework developers can use to write
single-source applications that run-natively-on Windows, Linux, Unix, Mac
OS X and embedded Linux. Qt has been used to build thousands of successful
commercial applications worldwide, and is the basis of the open source KDE
desktop environment. Qtopia is the first comprehensive application
environment built for embedded Linux, and is used in Sharp’s new Zaurus
SL5500 and SL-A300 PDAs. Trolltech is headquartered in Oslo, Norway, with
offices in Brisbane, Australia, and Santa Clara, California. More about
Trolltech can be found at