CommonGround Softworks Inc. Announces an OS X 10.2 (Jaguar) compatible
public beta version of Qilan=81 .

HOOKSETT, NEW HAMPSHIRE – December 17, 2002 – CommonGround Softworks Inc.
today is pleased to announce the availability of an OS X 10.2 (Jaguar)
compatible version of Qilan (2.7b3) as a public beta release.

The Qilan 2.7b3 public beta is available for download as a free time
limited trial. A nominal web based registration process will allow access
to the file download area and generation of enablement keys.

This upgrade also adds the capability to access Microsoft Access database
schema and data. Please review the 2.7b3 ReadMe notes for this
configuration. We expect that the final version 2.7 will be released as a
paid upgrade for existing Qilan users for $99 USD.

Qilan Overview:
Qilan provides a powerful tool for web developers seeking to overcome the
limitations of existing products, who seek to integrate, migrate or scale
upward from existing web projects. Web pages can be built using your
favorite HTML authoring environment, then imported into Qilan. The Qilan
graphic environment allows for complex web based projects without “coding”.
Web hosting providers wishing to harness the power of OS X can use Tenon
Intersystems iTools 6.5 with Qilan to provide secure eCommerce and
commercial quality content delivery.

Qilan allows web sites to communicate with single or multiple “backend”
data sources. The Qilan graphic environment builds query and report logic
that reside on the web server. This logic is applied across supported
database vendor products. “Write one question and ask multiple
databases”.Queries can be sent to one or many databases over the Internet,
and the results displayed on a single web page. Qilan driven web pages can
perform updates, data transfers, and data synchronization between databases.

Supported databases:

* Filemaker Pro
* Frontbase
* Helix Server
* Informix
* MS Access
* MS SQL Server
* Openbase
* Oracle
* Paradox

The Qilan development environment is a native Mac OS X application.
Database communication is multiplatform using JDBC. CommonGround Softworks
Inc. develops software focused on Internet database connectivity for the
Mac OS.

CommonGround Softworks Inc.