The Prudent Speculator, a popular investment newsletter, has named Apple its “stock of the month” for December. Excerpts from the newsletter can be found at Forbes. “Obviously, we do not expect a return to the glory days of the late 1990s, but Apple’s financial condition looks remarkably similar today as it did back in 1997 when it made its initial appearance as stock of the month,” writes John Buckingham for the publication. “That first recommendation resulted in a 500%+ average price appreciation when the last of our shares were sold in late 1999. Today, the balance sheet is pristine, with over $4 billion in cash and short-term investments, equivalent to more than $12 per share. In 1997, Apple had $11 per share in cash on a virtually debt-free balance sheet.” He continues, “Because we view it as an inexpensively priced (95% of sales) growth stock, we would buy Apple up to $16.33.”