Ancodia Software Releases Iconeer 1.3.1

Kosice, Slovak Republic — December 11, 2002 — Ancodia Software announced
the release of version 1.3.1 of Iconeer – advanced icon builder and batch
icon creator.

Iconeer is a powerful, full featured Mac icon builder. Creates standard,
new, and OS X icons of all sizes and color depths. Supports 1-bit and 8-bit
icon masks. Different pictures can be optionaly assigned to each icon size
and depth. Features real-time preview and output in 4 formats – custom icon
file, folder with a custom icon, icon resource file, or copy to clipboard.
With Iconeezer – batch icon builder – more custom icons can be created with
a click. Iconeer is an ideal tool for desktop customization, icon artists
and developers.

Overview of Features:
Builds standard, new, and OS X icons.
Creates small, large, huge, and thumbnail icon sizes, 1-bit, 4-bit,
8-bit, and 32-bit color icons.
Supports 1-bit and 8-bit (transparent) icon masks.
Allows separate access to all icon sizes and depths.
Real-time icon preview on different desktop colors and patterns.
Four (4) output formats incl. custom icon, custom folder, icon resource,
Icon import from any file or folder.
Iconeezer – batch creator of custom icons from pictures, movies or files
with preview.

Check out the screenshots at:

“I have evaluated several icon utilities and iconeer is by far my
favorite. Plug-ins for Photoshop require you to res and re res your
images to size wasting valuable pixels. With a utility like Iconeer you
use the packages that are best suited for creating your art and the
others for your masks . Finally uniting them in one neat app like
— Reggie B., user from

“Superb. Quite powerful, and extremely useful, in its place. Decent
interface, as well.”
— Anonymous user from

“This program is a beauty… works deliciously. Outputs everything very
nice, and the drag/drop features are very handy. Batch icons to a folder.
Handyyy! Interface looks clean and nice. I like that.”
— Anonymous user from

Iconeer is $29.95 shareware, and is available now from the Ancodia
Software web site. This product is a major update. You can download
Iconeer from the following URLs:
Mac OS Classic:
Mac OS X:

System Requirements:
Iconeer works on any PPC-based Macintosh running Mac OS 8, 9 or Mac OS X.
Requires 8MB RAM, 5MB of free disk space.

About Ancodia Software:
Ancodia Software is a small software developer based in Slovak Republic,
Eastern Europe. It provides original software solutions for Mac OS
Classic, Mac OS X, and Windows. Its products cover wide range of
applications: from disk and file utilities and personal information
managers to graphic editors.
Additional information about Ancodia Software’s products is available at

Contact Information:
Company name: Ancodia Software
Mailing address: Jesenskeho 19, Kosice, 04001, Slovak Republic
Phone: ++421908341518
Web site: