Radioio, one of the largest Internet-only radio stations in the world, and Limelight Networks, a leader in IP transport services, today announced that they have teamed up with Apple to launch a new Internet radio station based on MPEG-4. The companies worked with Apple in utilizing a combination Apple QuickTime Broadcaster, QuickTime Streaming Server 4 and the QuickTime 6 MPEG-4 codec to become the first in the industry to deliver a comprehensive MPEG-4-based Internet broadcast. “We believe strongly that MPEG-4 will very soon become the industry standard for webcasting,” said Radioio founder Michael Roe. “Apple has been very helpful in supporting our efforts to add this new capability. We look forward to delivering significant MPEG-4 traffic in the near future,” said David Rice, VP of Mmarketing and channel development at Limelight Networks.