Releases Version 2.7 of Kivio mp for Linux, Mac OS X and

Kivio mp ( is similar to Visio
from Microsoft but we go beyond just using stencils to provide generic
vector graphic ability as found in Corel Draw that allow you to mix types
of images on a page. Kivio mp allows you to map out virtually any process
you can think of with the huge collection of included stencil sets. Some of
the additional features include:

Rotate text
Layering for drawings
Master reference page
Undo/redo actions for add/remove page and layer
Rapid access to line and fill colors
Customizable helper lines
much much more

This new release provides more features on our path to being able to import
and export Visio diagrams. Since these features are useful on their own, I
thought we’d do a series of intermediary releases as we get closer. The
Visio filters will be priced separately as they aren’t needed by everyone,
we expect a price of just $25 for this option.

2 kind of new Tools:

– Polygon Tool

– NURBS (Non-uniform Rational B-Splines) Tool – what does that mean for
you? Basically a free form curved drawing tool that while not an actual
connector (yet) can be used as a connector because you can set arrow heads
on it.

Some changes in the interface.

– Cornered connectors – these are smart connectors that will bend around
other objects as needed or go straight.

– Kivio has some UI additions to help Visio users make a smooth transition.

– Stencils can now have text attributes

By purchasing Kivio mp, you are getting the source for the application and
free electronic updates to the core application. You get all supported
platforms for one price regardless of when they are released. Kivio mp is
priced at $99.95 for the physical package and $89.95 for the electronic
package. Kivio mp includes all the currently available stencils
(, a $300 value,
when you purchase it.

Kivio mp can be purchased or free demos downloaded from

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