O’Reilly today released a new selection of Pocket Guides and Pocket References. The Pocket References provide “quick lookup of the hard-to-remember details of programming and web syntax,” while the Pocket Guides offer “short, intensely focused tutorials explaining the basics of a new technology.” The new Pocket References and Pocket Guides include: Mac OS X Pocket Guide, Second Edition ($14.95), Macintosh Troubleshooting Pocket Guide ($12.95), Objective-C Pocket Reference ($12.95), C Pocket Reference (US$14.95), C# Language Pocket Reference ($12.95), Digital Photography Pocket Guide ($14.95), Essential System Administration Pocket Reference ($14.95), PHP Pocket Reference, Second Edition ($14.95), VB.NET Language Pocket Reference ($14.95), Windows XP Pocket Reference ($12.95), and Word Pocket Guide ($12.95).