FWB Ships Partition Toolkit Version 1.0

-Easy-to-use disk utility resizes drive partitions on the fly-

Redwood City, Calif., (November 27th, 2002)— FWB Software, a leading
developer of software utilities for the Macintosh, today announced the
immediate availability of Partition Toolkit. Partition Toolkit features a
streamlined user interface for creating, deleting, and easily modifying
drive partitions.

With Partition Toolkit, users can resize Macintosh formatted volumes to
make them smaller, and then use the new free space to create an extra
volume in the format of their choice. The four formats supported by
Partition Toolkit for volume creations include HFS (Mac OS Standard File
System), HFS+ (Mac OS Extended File System), MS-DOS, and LinuxPPC.

“Normally a drive volume can not be easily resized without destroying the
data contained within. Adding extra partitions or volumes to a drive
usually involves the painful procedure of backing up the data,
reformatting, partitioning the drive, and restoring the data,” said Marko
Kostyrko, FWB’s Director of Product Development. “FWB Partition Toolkit was
created to automate the procedure of resizing and creating new volumes on
the fly without the need to move your data to a temporary storage.”

“There are many benefits of partitioning a drive into more than one volume.
For example, a machine running OS 9 and OS X can have the operating systems
separated from each other and data becomes easier to maintain and manage.
In addition, a volume can be secured with other disk utilities as a
read-only or a password protected partition. Partition Toolkit is a must
for anyone who has better things to do than shuffling data back and forth
in order to create additional volumes.” concluded Marko Kostyrko.

Pricing, Availability and System Requirements

Partition Toolkit 1.0 is now available for the manufacturer’s suggested
retail price (MSRP) of $24.95.

Partition Toolkit requires: Mac OS 8.6 or Mac OS 9.X, Power Macintosh CPU
with G3 or G4 processor, 16 MB of available RAM, and SCSI or IDE hard disk.

More About FWB Software, LLC

Founded in 1985, FWB Software is a leading developer and supplier of
Macintosh software solutions that enhance the performance and extend the
functionality of Macintosh systems. FWB markets the legendary storage
management products–Hard Disk ToolKit and CD-ROM ToolKit, as well as the
easy-to-use backup product–Backup Toolkit. The company sells to the
high-end graphic arts, digital video, publishing and entertainment markets
through a worldwide network of digital, retail and mail order resellers,
distributors, strategic partners and OEMs.

For more information, contact FWB by e-mail at, on the World
Wide Web at or by calling (650)637-8500.