Xnet Communications GmbH the independent software vendor with its
core business in data communication high-end solutions announces the
release of Captain FTP version 2.0

The new Captain FTP brings you closer to the exclusive feature sets of
commercial data transfer programs, so far only available to the
corporate user.

More than 50 thousand Mac users in the world take the advantage of the
stability and ease of use of Captain FTP. Based on the award winning
FTP engine, the new Captain FTP version incorporates a set of
features, significantly accelerating the every day work.

One of the highlights is a segmented download. A very fast transfer
based on an intelligent downloaded file analysis and connection
parameters (amount of parallel FTP sessions) can speed up the entire
transfer task dramatically. Having added this feature, Captain FTP
evolves from the class of a standard FTP-client into a feature rich

"For the last couple of months our development team has been
working very hard on adapting some of our top technologies into our
Captain FTP. Don’t forget the FTP protocol was developed in the
nineteen seventies, many years ago. Since that time the networking
technology has gone through many changes. There are a lot of other
protocols for file transfer and Xnet has been dealing with them for
more than 15 years. Our company has implemented nearly every new
technology, but these solutions were only available to our large
accounts. Captain FTP 2.0 is the step into sharing our secrets with
smaller companies and home users at an affordable price. It has been
our dream for many years and now it is the day we can realize it"
– said Mariusz Roznowski, CEO Xnet.

Apart from changes in the Captain FTP core-engine there are many other
improvements such as: the long awaited quick bookmarks, a transfer
resume, a very flexible Unicode converter, which supports
multinational fonts, a local file browser and even some sound after a
finished transfer.

Captain FTP is available in English, French, German, Japanese and

Please have a look at the release-notes (CaptainFTP2_0rel_note.txt)
for a complete overview of the changes.

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