uDevGame 2002 Voting Period Begins Featuring 40 Games

Takamatsu City, Japan, November 18, 2002 – iDevGames cordially invites the
Macintosh community to take part in a public vote to select the winners for
the second annual uDevGame Macintosh game creation contest. The three month
development period of uDevGame 2002 came to a successful end on Sunday,
November 17, producing 40 entries all competing for over $15,000 worth of

The 40 games will be subject to a 9 day public voting period starting
November 18 and ending November 26, where each will be judged in the
following five categories: Game Play, Originality, Graphics, Sound & Music,
and Polish. The votes will then be tallied, averaged, and the winners
announced on December 2, 2002.

A listing of all entries including descriptions, screenshots, and download
links can be found at:

Gamers participating in the voting process are encouraged to play games in
full, vote thoughtfully and honestly, and vote only on the games which they
have played. Participants may cast their votes at the following URL:

The official website for the uDevGame 2002 can be found at:

iDevGames would also like to thank and acknowledge the generous support
provided by uDevGame 2002’s sponsors: ADC, Ambrosia Software, Inc. , Bare
Bones Software, Big Nerd Ranch, Inc., CH Products, Codenautics, EGISYS AG,
Electric Image, E-on Software, EOVIA Corporation, ExpressionTools, Inc.,
Freeverse Software, GarageGames, Harman Multimedia, Layout Center, McWare
USA Corp., Metrowerks Corp., midnite.liteman, The Omni Group, Pixologic,
Inc., Premier Press, Quadmation, Incorporated., REAL Software, REALbasic
Developer Magazine, Stone Design, STAZ Software, Strata Software, TNT
Software and Tribeworks.

Sponsor list with descriptions, links, and prizes:

uDevGame was established by iDevGames with three underlying objectives in
mind: create, educate, and succeed. The goal is to motivate developers to
create original games for the Macintosh platform, and then to release the
source code back to the Macintosh programming community. In this way, the
participants of uDevGame actively help to educate developers (and aspiring
developers) in technologies such as OpenGL and Cocoa. In addition, the
contest helps to draw attention to those that develop unique and exciting
games for the Macintosh, as well as help introduce the best and brightest
Macintosh game development talent to development houses and publishers

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