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Pioneer posts firmware updates for DVD-R/RW drives

Pioneer has posted firmware updates for the company’s DVD-R/RW drives that correct a problem that occurs when the drives are used with new 4x DVD-R and 2x DVD-RW high-speed discs. The updates are only for after-market Pioneer DVR-A03/DVR-103 or DVR-A04/DVR-104 drives, and the drive must be installed internally. The updates are not for SuperDrives found in the Power Mac G4 and iMac. Pioneer also noted that it is investigating methods to update the firmware in an external FireWire drive containing its DVR-A03/DVR-103 and DVR-A04/DVR-104. Last month, Apple posted a SuperDrive update for the iMac, but has yet to post an update for the Power Mac G4.

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