Upgrades of 2 plugins for REALbasic are available at


Both plugins can be used cross-platform.

MongoToDCon : A REALbasic Plugin that adds debugging facilities. You would
like to use a remote console? Use this plugin. You want to quickly debug
your WIN32-compatible code? Use this plugin. This plugin will send debug
strings to either the DCon console or to DebugView Console, or to the
Console that comes with MacOS X.

Version 2.7, 31 October, 2002

* (MacOS X:) Fixed a bug that could crash REALbasic when a string in
unknown format is used. This can happen when a string in UTF8 format
is modified by RB’s RegEx class, which in some cases gives a string in
an unknown format.

MongoToDCon Plugin is free.

VideoOut Plugin, based on QuickTime Video Output Components enables RB
programmers to output DV and DVCPRO video streams via the FireWire port
(also known as iLink or IEEE-1394) of your Macintosh and Windows computers.

REALbasic programmers who do not have a hardware device can still provide
support in their applications by using VideoOut emulators (for development),
i.e., extensions that come with the plugin. There are 2 sets of extensions
for each of the 3 main platforms.

Version 1.1.2, November 3, 2002

** users of this plugin noticed that only 5 audiotracks were supported,
while many more tracks were needed. It was increased to 20, but
still not enough. The request was 64, and therefore the plugin
supports now 128 audio tracks.

VideoOut Demo plugin (free) is a full-featured plugin and differs from the
VideoOut Pro plugin (encrypted for license holders) in one respect. The Demo
in a compiled app, will throw a reminder.