Announced 10/27/2202

360Works ships WooF – WebObjects on FileMaker Pro.

WooF 1.01 (WebObjects on FileMaker) is a JDBC plugin for WebObjects that
allows it to dynamically access information stored in FileMaker Pro.
WebObjects is a powerful, multi-threaded, industrial-strength web
application server that uses Java to serve up high speed, dynamic web
applications. It uses advanced caching techniques to greatly exceed the
speed and features of FileMaker’s built-in custom web publishing feature
(CDML) and/or Lasso (speed demos available on our website). Read our
advantages page at to find out
why WebObjects is better than traditional FileMaker publishing techniques.
WooF brings the scalability and performance of WebObjects to FileMaker.

This product is primarily targeted at advanced FileMaker web developers who
need better speed, security, re-useability, and flexibility than they can
accomplish with CDML or Lasso. It is also ideal for WebObjects developers
working on projects for clients that need to preserve an existing FileMaker
Pro solution.

In addition to basic insert/edit/delete operations, WooF supports these
FileMaker-specific features:

* Support for FileMaker Pro calculations.
* Support for all FileMaker Pro data types – text, number, date, time,
and containers.
* Support for FileMaker Pro’s built-in serial number generation for
primary keys.
* Supports spaces and special characters in FileMaker databases and
field names.
* Optionally specify layouts in FileMaker for even better performance.
* New! – Support for FileMaker value lists.
* Easy installation – works fine with existing WebObjects applications
and FileMaker solutions.

For pricing, tutorials, speed comparisons, and other information on WooF,
or to download a free development-only version of WooF, visit the 360Works
product page at or contact
Jesse Barnum at (770) 234-9293. 360Works is a software consulting &
development company specializing in development for FileMaker Pro,
WebObjects, AppleScript, and Mac OS X. They were established in 1996 and
are located in Atlanta, Georgia, USA.