InterMapper 3.7 Enters Beta-Test

Hanover, NH – October 24, 2002 – Dartware LLC announces that the first
public beta-test version of its InterMapper 3.7 software is now available.

InterMapper is a network monitoring application that continually checks the
networked servers and routers, switches, and other network equipment and
alerts the network manager when there are problems using audible alerts,
e-mail messages, pages, and running scripts.

InterMapper 3.7 has the following new features:

* Notification Dependencies. InterMapper will automatically suppress
notifications of outages that are caused by intervening device failures.
When a device fails, all the devices that become unreachable due to that
failure are dimmed on the map, and will not flash.
* Simple Network Paging Protocol (SNPP) support. InterMapper has a
built-in notification method that uses SNPP to send pages.
* Built-in Paging via Modem for MacOS X. InterMapper supports the
ability to send pages using the Mac’s built-in modem or an external modem.
* Xserve probe. InterMapper will monitor an Xserve, and report when
there are problems. The network manager can then launch Apple’s Server
Monitor application to get detailed information about the problem.
* Remote map editing. When using InterMapper Remote 1.5 or newer, the
network manager can create, edit, and delete maps without sitting at the
InterMapper machine’s keyboard/monitor.
* Improved web page format. InterMapper now sports a new look for its
web pages.
* New security mechanism. InterMapper 3.7 has a built-in firewall to
help control which address may access the server, and who may access
individual maps.

InterMapper is priced by the number of devices being monitored. Pricing
ranges from $1,995 for an unlimited number of devices down to $295 for 10
devices; all licenses include a 60 day support subscription. Educational
discounts are also available.

To learn more about InterMapper or to download the beta-test version,
please visit our Web site at

About Dartware, LLC:
Hanover, NH-based Dartware, LLC develops network monitoring, alerting and
troubleshooting software. Flagship product InterMapper=AE, a network
monitoring and alerting tool, was initially developed and implemented at
Dartmouth College to monitor the College’s campus network. The College
began marketing it commercially in July 1996 with great success. In April
2000, Dartmouth College transferred software titles to the newly formed
company. Today, Dartware, LLC offers additional products including
InterMapper Remote, MacPing, SNMP Watcher, Net-SNMP for MacOS X, as well as
selected third-party hardware and software products. Visit Dartware on the
Web at