Sig Software is proud to announce the release of Drop Drawers X 1.6 for Mac
OS X, alongside Drop Drawers 1.6 for Mac OS 7/8/9.

Recognized as a Silver Winner in the 2001 MacFixit Toolbox Awards, Drop
Drawers is a revolutionary user-interface enhancement which provides
floating drawers on the sides of monitors to store text, URLs, aliases,
scripts, pictures, sounds, movies and anything else.

Version 1.6 for OS X adds support for many OS X technologies, including
Quartz anti-aliased text, window transparency, long file names, native hot
keys and contextual menu plug-ins. Version 1.6 for both OS X and 7/8/9 adds
other new features such as separator drawer items, detection of key
shortcut clashes and exporting a list of shortcuts. Other changes are
detailed on our web page. The upgrade is free for registered users.

More information and the Drop Drawers downloads are available at:

Thank you,

Gideon Greenspan
Lead Developer
Sig Software