MonkeyBread Software REALbasic plug-in updated to version 2.7


Monkeybread Software Germany releases version 2.7 of their REALbasic
Plugin Collection.

This plugin adds around 2835 functions, methods and classes to
REALbasic. Grown over the last two years this plugin covers this main

* Quicktime Video and Audio recording.
* CoreGraphics support to create PDF files on Mac OS X.
* Support for a Console Window on Windows.
* Internet Config support.
* Mac OS X Spell Checking.
* Functions to manage Mac OS X login items list.
* Support for transparent document windows on Mac OS X.
* Detailed information about volumes on Windows.
* Classes to deal with icons on Mac OS.
* A class for multi string search.
* Keychain classes.
* WakeNotifier to see when your Mac sleeps.
* Packetsocket for easier socket sending/receiving.
* Window System Tray class.
* URLaccess class for easy down- and uploading.
* IO Registry of Mac OS X for hardware details.
* Addressbook classes for Mac OS X 10.2
* (Internet)Shortcuts for Windows.
* Mac Font managing functions and classes
* Packet sending Socket.
* Virtual Memory informations.
* SCSI Device list.
* File Downloads using Quicktime.
* Colormatching crossplatform or using Colorsync on Mac OS.
* Mouting Apple Share Volumes.
* Easy Alias handling.
* Usefull classes for Menu changes, Standardalert, File Permission.
* HTML Viewer Control
* Base 64 encode and decode
* Usefull functions like Screenshot, Networkavailable
* Streams for files bigger than 2 GB, Resourcefork and a stream in RAM.
* Endian Functions and Endian methods for the memoryblock class.
* Compression and Decompression of data and pictures including JPEG, PNG
and TIFF files without the need of QuickTime.
* VideoForWindows class to play movies on Windows 95 and newer without
* Filemapping
* Resolution changing from Realbasic including fading.
* Monitoring of Events inside your application.
* Access to special folders.
* Serial Port with up to 230 kBit/s.
* CRC calculation
* Several Hardware Information functions and access to the Name
Registry. (including drive serial number for hard disks)
* Extending Realbasics internal classes like Movie, Movieplayer,
Memoryblock, Picture and Application.
* A process class to list the running applications.
* Classes to access the Windows Registry for loading and storing
* Access to Windows’ Environment variables.
* Simulation of keyboard typing (presskey class).
* Creating and resolving aliases.
* SharedObjects on Windows to handle multiple launches of your
* Lots of small utility functions…

You can download the plugin archive at:

Help is included for use with Plugin Plunger, but you can still view the
help in HTML files which come with the plugin or on your website.

The plugin is available on a shareware fee which is $80 for commercial
use and $40 for shareware, freeware and private use. You can test the
plugins for free within the REALbasic IDE.
(Support or new versions of the plugin in the next years after
registration are offered for a low update price, but you can continue to
develop for years with the old plugin versions.)

Details on the new stuff:

* Added NewColorPicture and NewGrayPicture.
* I can’t test the QuickTime Grabber plugin part for Windows, but a
customer wrote me an email that it works.
* Improved help. New list of classes/controls, a html file for each
class or control. Lot’s of errors corrected.
* From b1 to b2 some plugins get much smaller!
Mac Classic Plugin got from 20K in version 2.6 down to 5K in version
2.7 and Memoryblock Plugin from 39K to 9K. In total lost 300 KB from
the plugins between b1 and b2.
* Added Window.ScreenshotWindow to make Screenshots of a Windows’
content on Mac OS X.
* Added App.ProcessTime for Mac OS X.
* Added classses JPEGExporter and JPEGImporter.
* Renamed all classes! You need to change your applications to habe a
MBS as a suffix on every class name.
* Divided CF Plugin: IORegistry, Addressbook and SpellCheck are now
their own plugins.
* Changed Registration: Call RegisterMBSPlugin with name=”Demo” and
serial=0 to avoid the unregistered dialog for the first minute.
* Fixed bug in Addressbook which made a lot of crashes.
* Added Permissions.SetPermissions
* Added offline help search. (works with iCab and uses Javascript)
* Added QuickTime Sequence Grabber classes.
* Added serveral new CoreGraphics classes including PDF read and write
for Mac OS X.
* Improved folderitem.unixpath to work better on non existing files.
* Added function to convert string to a URL encoded string and back:
EncodingToURL and DecodingToURL.
* Added function to convert string from a HTML encoded string:
* Added MacErrorString function.
* Added process.MacProcessSerial and process.killprocess function.
* Added EnableBalloonHelp and IsBalloonHelpOn for Mac OS Classic.
* Improved PictureToJPEGString to support 24bit pictures on Windows.
* Changed Picture.Bitmap to support converting 24bit picture on Windows
to 32bit ones.
* Added app.LookupHelpBookAnchor, app.GotoHelpBookPage,
app.GotoMainHelpBookTOC and app.SearchHelpBook.
* Added ClearArc, InvertArc, InvertRect, InvertOval, ClearOval,
InvertRoundRect and ClearRoundRect to the graphics class.
* Added Window.MakeTransparent and Window.CGContext for transparent
* Note: The dock Tile functions now use CGImage objects.
* Added CGImage and CGContext classes for CoreGraphics support.
* CustomWindow class disabled as it should no longer be usefull.
* Saved around 2 MB of download size with example project without icons.
If you need icons, just open the icon dialog in REALbasic and click on
the “Default” button.
* Improved EncodeBase64 and DecodeBase64.
(should be working better and no longer crash on big data)
* Added unicode helping functions: UnicodeString, UnicodeStringConcat
and NativeString.
* Added function to convert string to a HTML encoded string:
EncodingToHTML. This function is used for the HTML help.
* Added WindowsConsole class.
* Added Icon.Huge1BitData, Icon.Large1BitData and Icon.Small1BitData
* Added TabPanel.TabCount and TabPanel.MacSetTabEnabled.
* Added System.ExitWindows
* Added Graphics.Paintdesktop
* Added Process.SetWindowsService to remove applications from the
windows force quit list.
* Added Internet Config classes.
* Fixed icon class to not return garbage icons.
* Added BundleLocalizedString to application class.
* Changed the Addressbook stuff. Constants are now properties of the
AddressBook class. This saves around 2.5 KB of plugin size and makes
the AutoComplete feature of REALbasic much better.
* Added CocoaSpellChecking Class.
* Added CountOfLoginItems, RemoveLoginItemAtIndex and
LoginItemPropertyAtIndex functions.
* Added MSSearch class for multiple string search.
* Added CPU Ticks counting (CPU usage) to DarwinVMStatistic.
* Added WindowsVolumeInformation class.
* Added IsEjectableVolume, IsCompressedFile, IsEncryptedFile and
CompressedFileLength to folderitem class.
* Fixed Icon classes icon parts to work on Classic.
* Fixed FolderItem.isOnRemoteVolume to work on Mac OS X.
* Fixed AskDisplay function to work again on two screen systems.
* Added CustomWindow.Transparency property.

Christian Schmitz

Two thousand functions in one Realbasic plugin. The MBS Plugin.