Wednesday, October 16, 2002

STOS Jaguar Security Seminar – Tips, Tools & Techniques On How To Secure
The Mac OS X Environment.

San Francisco, CA. (October 16th, 2002) OSXFAQ today announced that they
will sponsor and promote a special nationwide tour of a Mac OS X training
seminar featuring Thomas Vincent from STOS. His STOS Jaguar Security
Seminar – Tips, Tools & Techniques on how to secure the Mac OS X
environment seminar is designed from the ground up to appeal to any Mac
user who wants to master securing Mac OS X quickly and easily.


In this seminar Thomas Vincent from STOS will teach you how to protect
yourself from prying eyes and privacy invading corporations. The workshop
also includes numerous demonstrations of various techniques and software
programs Thomas Vincent thinks will let you sleep better at night.

The seminar is designed for system and lab administrators, programmers,
developers, strategists, and other technical staff involved in the
deployment and securing of systems.

Did you know information security related incidents cost industry and
individuals over 5 billion dollars last year? Don’t let your self be part
of that stastitistic. This workshop was designed in partnership by security
experts at the STOS consortium ( and OSXFAQ. By
taking this class you will help prevent you or your organization from
becoming a victim.

Who is Thomas Vincent?

Thomas Vincent has been in the IT industry for over 8 years, consulting for
such companies as Charles Schwab (electronic stock brokerage) and Apple
Computer. Thomas’s talks have been given to security professionals at
organizations like NASA and Department of Energy Labs. Most of Thomas’s
time currently is working with the Secure Trusted Operating System
Consortium coordinating projects, administrative operations, and
coordinated and planned the content for the Mac OS X & BSD Security
Symposium. Thomas also manages the behind the scenes operations of the STOS
consortium ( On the side Thomas is a
contributing writer for OSXFAQ.

What is STOS?

The [STOS] Consortium represents the formal coordination of Federal,
Academia and Industry into an environment of open collaboration to enhance
the security of open source operating systems. The Consortium plays the
role of leader and coordinator between parties involved in requesting,
researching and developing security enhancements and secure system
services. Examples of STOS projects in the past are integrating cdsa into
mod_ssl therefore allowing better integration into Darwin, and the use of
smart cards to store server certificates. Another project that is not yet
complete, is the effort by STOS to integrate CDSA into OpenSSH. This will
allow things like ssh keys to be integrated into the Mac OS X keychain.
These projects were directly funded by people attending the STOS Mac OS X &
BSD Security Symposium in August of 2002. This is an example of how
individuals were able to invest in themselves as well as there
infrastructures. Portions of the proceeds from this class go to fund STOS
research efforts. The curriculum for this class was also developed by STOS,
and is endorsed by the consortium. So you can be sure that curriculum is
both cutting edge and very relevant to you and your organizations needs.
STOS can be found at

When & where:

San Francisco, California, November 18-19
Seattle, Washington, November 21-22
Chicago, Illinois, December 9-10
Washington, D.C, December 12-13

Additional cities nationwide to be announced shortly.

Seating is limited – make your reservation today!

For More Information & Registration Go To:

For More Information On Other Dates & City’s Contact:

Scott Sheppard