XrackHosting=81 Opens Doors; Offers high-performance Mac OS X-based hosting

Customer service is of paramount importance; Level 3 backbone; Customers
who switch from another host receive 10% discount

ORLANDO, Florida – October 16, 2002 – After 2 months of preparation,
XrackHosting is now open and accepting orders for hosting accounts. The
hosting packages are designed to offer enterprise-level solutions on the
Mac OS X platform, and at the same time offer the most competitive pricing
in the industry.

“The flood gates have opened,” said Bill Leonard, XrackHosting’s Internet
Systems Engineer. “From the response we’ve gotten since making the original
announcement, this is a market that is ready for a change. No longer will
you have to pay a high premium to host on the Mac platform, and our
attention to customer service will be second to none.”

XrackHosting intends to put the personal touch back in the hosting industry
through “extreme customer service”, and one method they will be via iChat
support. “Our customers who are on Mac OS X can use Apple’s great iChat
application to receive technical support from us, ” said Leonard. This is
an industry first.

XrackHosting offers industrial-strength web services such as PHP, Lasso and
MySQL on Apple Xserve hardware, built on the Level 3 network. This network
offers direct peering points to other major networks right inside the
building, allowing for the fastest possible connection to the Internet from
anywhere in the world. “There really isn’t a more reliable, faster or more
redundant host out there in the Mac hosting segment. In addition, our users
can burst up to 100Mbit/second, compared to a typical T1 with only
1.5Mbit/second. You do the math.” Leonard says.

Until October 31, 2002, XrackHosting is offering anyone who signs up and
transfers a domain to them an additional 10% discount on their chosen
billing arrangement (monthly, quarterly or yearly). In addition, customers
who sign up for a plan with the yearly payment option will receive a free
XrackHosting t-shirt.

To sign up and take advantage of the launch special switch discount and
free t-shirt, visit their web site at http://www.xrackhosting.com/

For more information:
Bill Leonard
info@xrackhosting.com (mailto:info@xserverack.com)