An important update of VideoOut Plugin for REALbasic is available for
downloading. VideoOut also supports the WIN32 platform, and moreover, when
you visit (, you also notice an addition,
i.e., online help.

Information VideoOut Plugin

VideoOut Plugin, based on QuickTime Video Output Components enables
REALbasic programmers to output DV and DVCPRO video streams via the FireWire
port (also known as iLink or IEEE-1394) of your Macintosh and Windows

REALbasic programmers who do not have a hardware device can still provide
support in their applications by using VideoOut emulators (for development),
i.e., extensions that come with the plugin. There are 2 sets of extensions
for each of the 3 main platforms,

MacOS 9 classic and carbon: SoftVOutPPC and SoftCodecPPC
MacOS X: SoftVOutCFMX and SoftCodecCFMX
WIN32: SoftVOut.qtx and SoftCodec.qtx

SoftVOut extensions emulate a Video Out by using the lower right corner of
the screen. Because it is the screen a transfer codec is in principle not
required. A codec emulator is provided, which does not do much interesting
other then providing a funny transfer of the image(s) when the pixel depth
is other than 32. For your info, transfer codecs are primarily provided by
the manufacturer of the hardware.


Version 1.1, October 12, 2002

The windows (WIN32) target has obtained considerable attention. It makes
perfectly sense to provide support for VideoOut, because a base VideoOut
component is implemented in QuickTime for windows. To allow development, a
software-based-soft VideoOut component was developed in advance. These
components (extensions) are to be put into the QuickTime folder. The soft
extensions allow you to inspect, review, develop an application that can
take advantage of FireWire Video Output devices available for the Windows
platform. Note: these extensions are not required if you have a device
that is connected via the FireWire port of your Macintosh or Windows

** added the WIN32 target, but the SetClock is not supported yet, until
the QuickTime-6 SDK becomes available for Windows.

** added MovieHighQuality to set it to true or false

** added Decompressor information methods to the videoOutComponent


=A9 2001-2002 VanHoek Software – All Rights Reserved.

Version 1.1
Compatible 68k – PPC – Carbon – WIN32.
Requirements REALbasic 3.5 or later and QuickTime.
Plugin Dependencies: None.