REALbasic Garage meet Sherlock 3!

October, 8

The new Sherlock 3 module for REALbasic Garage is now available.

REALbasic Garage meet Sherlock 3 and relase the search module for all Mac OS
X 10.2 (Jaguar) users.

The last 10.2 update of Apple Mac OS X (formerly known as Jaguar) include
the new version 3 of Sherlock, a powerful application for searching sites on
internet. This new version use a completely new engine with more powerful
and better support to building access interfaces.
For more info on Apple Sherlock visit the Sherlock page on Apple web site.

Searching on REALbasic Garage is now more simple than ever.
If you are a Jaguar user, just go to REALbasic Garage and activate now the
Sherlock 3 module.

Go to this page to see how to subscribe it:

In few seconds you can enable searching REALbasic Garage at lightspeed!

Massimo Valle

The REALbasic Garage Team