4D, Inc. Ships 4D WebSTAR v5.2 Now With Mail Server

— High Performance, Easy Mail Server Includes Comprehensive SMTP and
Mailbox Security —

SAN JOSE, Calif., October 1, 2002 — 4D, Inc., publishers of the 4th
Dimension RAD/RDBMS Environment and 4D WebSTAR Server Suite, today
announced the immediate availability of 4D WebSTAR v5.2, a landmark update
to the 4D WebSTAR Server Suite V for Mac(R) OS X, now with an easy to use,
fast Mail server. The new Mail server in v5.2 has an architecture designed
for high performance and robust scalability, with security and anti-spam
features, anti-virus support, and a mail migration tool for WebSTAR v4
administrators. 4D WebSTAR v5.2 is available today as a free update for
current registered users of 4D WebSTAR V directly from (http://www.4D.com/).

“4D WebSTAR v5.2 is an exciting update for easy, powerful Internet serving,
and now includes robust mail handling,” said Brendan Coveney, president and
CEO of 4D, Inc. “The new Mail Server in 4D WebSTAR v5.2 is well architected
and fast, while secure and easy to administer, even for delegating
administrative authority. Mail user migration is automated through a tool
we provide, so WebSTAR v4 users can quickly begin to take full advantage of
Mac OS X. New users should see the WebSTAR tradition of ‘easy-to-use’ for
themselves, now with unprecedented speed, power and security.”

“4D WebSTAR v5.2 provides the Macintosh ease-of-use that we expect,” said
Duane Bemister of Virginia Systems. “Apple’s new Xserve is the best
hardware platform we have ever used but the included Apache Web server
software has limitations and is difficult to configure. 4D WebSTAR v5.2 is
a great solution from a company that constantly delivers its customer’s

Easy, Fast and Scalable
The advanced, new architecture in 4D WebSTAR v5.2’s Mail server provides
high-speed mail performance and allows tremendous scalability. The new Mail
server in v5.2 is a feature rich SMTP/POP/IMAP server with secure remote
administration, support for multiple domains, advanced relay blocking, plus
new security-focused enhancements, all in a new, high-performance

Administered from the 4D WebSTAR Admin Client, the new mail server system
includes an SMTP Server and a Mailbox server to ensure optimum performance
for all mail-handling functions. The SMTP Server receives and relays
messages, using spam filtering, DNSBL, SMTP authentication, and allow/deny
tables to prevent illegitimate access. The Mailbox Server handles POP and
IMAP functions including individual accounts, group mailing lists and
aliases. Developers will be able to extend the SMTP server, the Mailbox
server and the 4D WebSTAR Admin interface via an API being released in the
coming months.

Easy Migration, Extra Security
A comprehensive, easy mail migration tool is included for administrators of
WebSTAR v4.x to quickly move all user settings plus the complete contents
of each user’s mailbox to 4D WebSTAR v5.2. 4D WebSTAR v5.2’s Mail server
battles spam with DNSBL and SMTP Authentication. 4D WebSTAR v5.2 includes
support for the industry leading McAfee Virex(R) virus filtering software
to reject and quarantine messages that may be infected.

Pricing and Availability
4D WebSTAR v5.2 is available today as a free update to users of 4D WebSTAR
V, including an unlimited-mailbox license option for all owners of 4D
WebSTAR V who registered by August 31, 2002. The unlimited-mailbox license
option is also available for owners of 4D WebSTAR v4 who upgrade to 4D
WebSTAR V and are registered by October 31, 2002.

Upgrades are available at $199 for current registered users of WebSTAR v4,
and $299 for current registered users of WebSTAR v3. Cross-grades are
available to Mac OS X Server users for $299. Other cross-grades and
academic discounts are available by calling the sales department at 4D, Inc.

About 4D, Inc.
Located in San Jose, California, 4D, Inc. is the U.S. distributor of 4th
Dimension (4D), 4D Business Kit, and 4D WebSTAR Server Suite. 4D is an
award-winning, tightly integrated suite of Windows and Mac OS, Web-embedded
development tools for business solutions. 4D Business Kit is a complete,
multi-language, multi-store eCommerce development tool, designed for rapid
development of storefront solutions. 4D WebSTAR Server Suite V is a fast,
secure and extensible server suite for Mac OS X, best known for easy
administration. 4D, Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of 4D SA. Further
information can be found at (http://www.4D.com/).