Solutions Etcetera announces SuperCard 4 Public Beta

September 24, 2002 – Solutions Etcetera announces SuperCard 4 Public Beta.
Solutions Etcetera announced today a publicly available beta of SuperCard
4, a powerful and easy to use authoring tool frequently referred to as
“HyperCard on Steroids”.

For the last 18+ months, SuperCard 4.0 has been in the most intensive
development in its history. This new version not only breaks the 32
kilobyte limits for text fields AND scripts, it also provides support for
virtually every available interface item for both Mac OS X and Classic OS
environments, allowing you to create a single project/standalone
application that is completely compatible running in both environments with
either the Aqua or Platinum themes.

“SuperCard 4 has been in private beta testing for over 3 months. It is
remarkably stable and we feel it is now ready for prime time” said Scott
Simon, SuperCard Product Manager. “SuperCard 4 introduces some pretty
significant changes – it has a new interface, a completely new control
architecture, and many new features. Before we ship we would like to hear
feedback from as many prospective users as possible, particularly those of
the HyperCard community.”

“If you can figure out how to operate an umbrella, you can make cool
software with SuperCard” said Mark Lucas, SuperCard Lead Engineer. “It’s
that easy. So what are you waiting for? Download the SuperCard 4 Public
Beta right now! It’s powerful, it’s fun, and it’s free. See why so many
satisfied users call SuperCard their secret weapon…”

The SuperCard 4 Public Beta is available now from the SuperCard web site at

SuperCard is used by Mac professionals and hobbyists alike to create just
about any type of application including games, teaching aides, utilities,
personal productivity tools, automation tools, kiosks, and other multimedia
rich projects. Now OS X users will be able to experience the power and ease
of use that SuperCard has to offer.

For more information contact Solutions Etcetera: