MacCVSClient 1.7 is a free CVS source code revision
control client running on Mac OS 7.1 and later, now
also carbonized for Mac OS X.

It shows checked out files in an intuitive
hierarchical list view (with filtering options)
so that you are aware of their status anytime.

File log histories can be displayed in hierarchical
log views. File differences and change conflicts
are shown in special colour coded views. The RBL
format can be used to store Mac OS resource files
as diff’able and mergeable text files on CVS servers.
The AppleSingle storage format is supported as well.

New in this release:

– Carbonized version for Mac OS X; this is recommended
for Mac OS X only.
– Mouse wheel support (carbonized version only).
– Column heads in Module window. Sorting by columns.
– Drag-and-drop in Module window.
– “Move to Trash” command.
– Long file name support (not in 68K version).
– Text files can be stored with Classic Mac line endings
or Mac OS X (UNIX) line endings (see Preferences/Export).
– Context menus in Module, Diff, Conflict and Log windows.
– “Reroot Module” command to change CVS server settings for
a checked out module; useful when a repository is moved.
– Easy revision and tag selection in Log window to quickly
run a CVS Diff from there (OPTION-click and OPTION-drag).
– Bug fixes.

MacCVSClient 1.7 can be found at:

Joerg Bullmann —