Sybase Ships Award-Winning RDBMS on ‘Jaguar’ Server

First Enterprise-class RDBMS to Support Rendezvous Technology


Sybase, Inc. announces general availability of Adaptive Server(R)
Enterprise (ASE) 12.5 on Mac OS X Server version 10.2 “Jaguar” Server.
Sybase also announces a free Developer’s Edition of ASE 12.5 available on
Mac OS X.

— Sybase(R) Adaptive Server Enterprise ships optimized for Mac OS X
Server v10.2 “Jaguar” Server, the first enterprise-class relational
database management system to support features such as Apple’s
Rendezvous technology, lowering total cost of ownership
— Sybase ASE provides Mac OS X developers with the same high performance,
scalable, enterprise-class database manager that is used to power more
than half the trades on Wall Street
— Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise Developers Edition also available for
free download at

DUBLIN, Calif., Sept. 10 /PRNewswire/ — Sybase, Inc. (NYSE: SY), a leading
enterprise infrastructure and integration company, today announced the
general availability of Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise (ASE), the
company’s award-winning, enterprise-class relational database management
system (RDBMS), on Apple “Jaguar” Server. With ASE, system implementers
will be able to deploy high-performance, scalable, database-driven
applications on the Mac platform. Sybase also announced the availability of
a free Developer’s Edition of ASE, designed to enable developers to build
and test ASE solutions.

Saves Time and Money

“ASE for Jaguar Server combines the best of both worlds — Sybase’s high
performance, scalable database with Apple’s legendary ease of use,” said
Dr. Raj Nathan, senior vice president and general manager, Sybase
Enterprise Solutions Division. “With this combination, we are pleased to
provide the Mac community the same superior database capabilities with low
total cost of ownership advantages that our other ASE customers enjoy

ASE 12.5 for Mac OS X Server v10.2 is very easy to install, manage and
support because it:

— Utilizes the Apple installer for easy, intuitive installation
— Supports Apple’s new Rendezvous technology for zero configuration
— Dynamically registers the server instantly by setting up host names,
port numbers and creating the necessary interfaces
— Automatically handles client discovery
— Reconfigures the database anytime there are changes to the server
configuration, without requiring manual intervention
— Supports Net-SNMP, allowing network administrators to monitor the
status of the database remotely via SNMP-compatible products such as HP
— Will also generate traps that can be used to activate pagers, send
emails and enable other proactive management actions
— Features the new Aqua interface for improved usability and consistency
with other Mac OS X applications
— Offers enterprise-level technical support — much more timely and
reliable than found in open source solutions

“Jaguar Server is the world’s easiest-to-manage UNIX-based server software
and unleashes the power of our new Xserve rack-mount server,” said Ron
Okamoto, Apple’s vice president of Worldwide Developer Relations. “It is
exciting that Sybase is the first enterprise-class software provider to
leverage Rendezvous to drive down the cost of deploying and managing
large-scale, database-driven applications.”

Highly Flexible

Sybase designed Adaptive Server Enterprise to provide customers flexibility
and choice. With the previous introduction of both Open Server(TM) and
Software Developer’s Kit for Mac OS X, and the introduction of ASE 12.5 for
Mac OS X Server, v10.2 customers can mix and match between any combination
of HP, IBM, Linux, Mac, SGI, Sun and Windows clients and servers.

In addition, Sybase makes it very easy to port applications from one
operating system to another, and from other vendors’ database managers to
ASE. This ability to switch has become increasingly important as IT
executives are learning their options are limited when locked into one OS
platform or database vendor.

“The new corporate licensing scheme of Microsoft has impacted very
negatively on our customers,” said Javier Blanque, president of DinamiTec
SA, an Argentinean developer of Intranets for the financial community. “We
are migrating from Microsoft SQL-Server to Sybase ASE for several reasons,
including ASE’s multi-platform architecture, transact-SQL compatibility and
relatively low cost of ownership. In addition, ASE always has had better
security against hackers-crackers than SQL-Server.”

World-Class Reliability, Availability and Scalability

Sybase’s Adaptive Server Enterprise 12.5 has established itself as the
product of choice to support mission-critical applications requiring high
availability, intensive transaction handling and scalability. ASE 12.5 for
Mac OS X Server v10.2 also includes Sybase’s advanced XML Management
Package, which provides support for Java and XML. This enables customers to
decrease time-to-market with applications running on “Jaguar” Server,
essentially delivering a quicker return-on-investment.

Developers Welcome

Sybase is also releasing a Developer’s Edition of ASE for Mac OS X. Sybase
is committed to providing robust solutions through partnerships with
developers. The Sybase Developer Network (SDN) offers a single point of
access to developer software, services, related technical information from
Sybase, and collaboration with other Sybase developers. For more
information about SDN, or to join, visit
and for more information about Sybase’s Mac offerings, visit .

Product Availability

Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise 12.5 on Mac OS X Server version 10.2
“Jaguar” will be available on September 23, 2002. For more information, or
to place an order, please call 1-800-8-SYBASE. The Developer’s Edition of
ASE 12.5 on Mac OS X is available now for free download at .

About Sybase, Inc.

Sybase is the enterprise infrastructure company that bridges heterogeneous
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