Full, bi-directional XML support for QuarkXPress 4 and 5

Easypress Technologies announces Atomik Roundtrip 1.0

SEYBOLD SAN FRANCISCO – September 9, 2002 – Easypress Technologies today
announced the newest member of its Atomik family of products, Atomik
Roundtrip 1.0 – the first software to provide full, bi-directional XML
support for QuarkXPress versions 4 and 5. Currently in beta, Easypress
Technologies is showing Atomik Roundtrip 1.0 at this week’s Seybold
conference and exhibition in San Francisco with the final release expected
to ship in October.

“Publishers have been asking for full XML support within QuarkXPress for
many years, in order to efficiently publish content to print and digital
media,” said Nick Reed, Easypress Technologies director of product
strategy. “The time is right for Atomik Roundtrip to realise the potential
of XML for publishers, by enabling all content to be authored and stored in
XML and published to any media including print.”

eXtensible Markup Language (XML) has established itself as the standard
format for holding structured content. All the major software vendors
including Microsoft, IBM and Oracle, are placing XML at the centre of their
plans. QuarkXPress is the world’s leading page layout tool with over 2
million users worldwide. By providing full XML support for QuarkXPress,
Atomik Roundtrip is combining two leading technologies to create a new
breed of publishing tool.

Atomik Roundtrip will enable users to import XML into QuarkXPress and
faithfully re-export it. With a single click, users can update the
QuarkXPress document if the source XML document(s) change and update the
source XML document(s) if the QuarkXPress document changes. This ensures
consistency across all media, efficient reuse of content and rapid updates
of timely information.

XML content can be added to QuarkXPress documents through a simple drag and
drop process or by using the Atomik Roundtrip place holder technology to
import individual XML elements or collections of XML elements into
predefined templates. No other product provides the level of support for
’roundtripping’ XML in QuarkXPress promised by Atomik Roundtrip 1.0.

Positive market feedback
Initial feedback suggests that Atomik Roundtrip will fill a significant gap
in the market for publishers who need to move to an XML-centric workflow
but until now have been unable to integrate print publishing. This is one
of the primary issues slowing down a wholesale move to XML in the
publishing industry.

“The fact that there is demand in the market for a tool such as Atomik
Roundtrip is undeniable.” said Mike Evans, Easypress Technologies managing
director. “We’ve already taken advance orders for Atomik Roundtrip in both
the United States and Europe, illustrating the important role it could play
in accelerating XML adoption in the industry.”

Integration with other systems
Atomik Roundtrip has been developed in such a way to enable easy
integration with a range of content and asset management systems. The first
such integrated solution will be with the Documentum Enterprise Content
Management System. This Documentum integrated version of Atomik Roundtrip
will be available during the fourth Quarter of 2002. Direct support for
other content management systems will follow.

Pricing and availability
Atomik Roundtrip is currently in early beta, with a public beta program to
follow. Product is expected to ship at the beginning of October 2002.
Atomik Roundtrip 1.0 will be available direct from Easypress Technologies
and Atomik resellers and system integrators worldwide. The suggested retail
price for a single user licence of Atomik Roundtrip 1.0 will be =A33,495,
$4,495 or 5,662 Euro depending on the country of purchase. The suggested
retail price for a 10-user licence of Atomik Roundtrip 1.0 will be =A39,950,
$13,500 or 16,119 Euro depending on the country of purchase. Further
multiple user pricing is available upon request.

Special Seybold Discount
Visitors to Easypress Technologies’ booth at Seybold San Francisco this
month can take advantage of coupons entitling them to a 10% discount on
orders for Atomik Roundtrip placed before the end of October 2002.

About Easypress Technologies
Easypress Technologies ( develops easy-to-use cross-media
publishing software that empowers publishers to create, manage and publish
content in multiple media, efficiently and profitably. Its flagship
products include Atomik Roundtrip – software that provides full,
bi-directional XML support for QuarkXPress; Atomik – automated QuarkXPress
to XML conversion software; and Easypress – a content management system
provided on an ASP (Application Service Provider) basis. The company has an
extensive publishing client list including FT Business, VNU, Roularta Media
Group, Jane’s Information Group, Paragon Publishing and Daily Mail Group.
Easypress Technologies is based in London, UK and is privately held.