Dejal introduces Simon 1.0b1

A Mac OS X application to monitor web and FTP sites for changes or failures.

PORTLAND, Oregon — August 30, 2002 — Dejal Systems today introduced
Simon, a new product for Mac OS X. Simon is a SIte MONitor. This
application checks web and/or FTP sites that you specify at the desired
frequency, and indicates when they change or go down. If you have a web
site and a broadband connection, you won’t want to be without this tool.
Why rely on web-based monitoring services that check very infrequently, or
charge through the roof for an adequate checking frequency, when Simon can
monitor as many sites as you like, as often as you like!

Pricing & Availability:

This introductory version of Simon is immediately available as a free
download from

Simon requires Mac OS X 10.1 or later.

Dejal Systems, LLC:

Founded in New Zealand in 1991 and established in the US a decade later,
Dejal is a leading Mac OS software vendor specializing in user-friendly and
flexible utility software. Visit for more information and

David Sinclair –
President, Dejal Systems, LLC
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