RB Plugin Plunger, 25 August, 2002, version 3.0a8

RB Plugin Plunger retrieves information from the classes, controls, methods,
events and eventInstances from a plugin, while additional information from
the resource fork of the plugin is being retrieved as well. RB Plugin
Plunger is also useful for plugin developers. They can add help files
directly into the plugin resources. In addition a nifty HTML generator
allows the production of hundreds of HTML files you can use to publish help
on the web. In addition, one can generate a single document HTML help for
easy reading and printing.

Since the initial release of version 3.0 many changes and additions have led
to a version of Plunger that appears to have the OSX-look and feel.

The old version of Plunger remains available for downloading, while you can
get here a new classic binary (direct links):


or a carbon binary (direct links):


A project folder with external items, information, including required
plugins can be downloaded here (direct links)


or visit (http://homepage.mac.com/vanhoek/)

Note: if you want to build plunger, i.e., create your own binary, you can
use full-featured demo plugins, while they won’t generate those silly splash
or nag window(s) reminding you to purchase a license..

Version History:

3.0 a1

* structured the project window
* removed the WindowSplitter class and replaced it with Bj=F6rn’s
WindowSplitter plugin.
* removed the NavFolderitem Plugin and replaced it with NavDialog
* removed the CancelClose stuff and some other things belonging to
* Cosmetic changes to PluginViewer, and based on changes in Plugin

–Plugin Analyser updated and added a CSTR search for retrieving the
URL of the plugin.
–Plugin Analyser will read the vers resource of a plugin.
–Plugin authors should add a CSTR resource to allow plunger to
retrieve data;

–These additions to the plugin would enable “version search on the
web” and needs be implemented.

–PluginViewer lists the URL of the plugin and in the structure pane
also lists the version of the plugin.
–Demo Plugins from Bj=F6rn and Alfred can be used to build binaries
of plunger.

* preference settings of windowSplitter moved to open and close event of
the windowSplitter, because that event is fired first over the
window’s open and close events.

New in a3:
* Reinstalled the missing features for plugin developers that was broken
in a1. It means that plugin authors can use the new plunger, save the
help files etc.

New in a4:
* Problem: Listbox only highlights text in the first column, and other
columns don’t get highlighted. Because the first column only contains
the checkbox nothing gets selected.

* Solution: Put the Checkbox, and the name into one column, and
sacrifice the sort by the checkbox.

New in a5:
* A lot of things have been changed and improved in this version.
Requires CoreClasses 1.8, as it makes use of the new much faster than
any RB code Sort engine.

* A quantum leap forward when it comes to provide web based copy of
help. It has a new HTML export which enables you to export all the
help to HTML, in a frame set, with left side index page. This means
for example that 130 HTML pages in less than a minute can be
generated. (Option to export in single page format will be coming
later). Only this feature will for example save more time than all
time that ever was spent on the plunger project.

* The project has all been cleaned, unused code thrown away, it has
mostly external items now to make it easier to manage in the future.

* Look and feel is now adjusted when running on OS X.

New in a7:
* Single doc HTML export has now been implemented. (Extremely
useful for users who want it in one decent reading and want to be able
to print it all)

* Added a Templates directory which stores templates for HTML
generation. This gives plugin authors possibility to customize the
HTML generator, set background pictures, set it to use their
Stylesheets, etc. The Plunger will though still operate perfectly
without a Templates directory installed since the default Templates
are also built into the Plugner in a resource. So if no Templates
directory is found then it will switch to the resources.

* The HTML generator will no longer forget the last style run on a page
if its in the last line of the Styled text.

* Made several other tweaks in the HTML generator.

New in a8:
* Inplemented a HTMLrendering window to mark up the HTML file(s).

* Added rudimentary URLAccess.

* Tweaked the floater window when a user calls the first time the plugin
folder directory. It now saves to the preference file. Handy for
first time users of RB Plugin Plunger.