HierListBox 4.5.1 is the latest evolution of Theo Smith’s “TreeVar and
HierListBox” classes, rewritten for REALbasic 4 as a ListBox subclass. This
class implements a hierarchical ListBox with support for drag and drop
reordering, maintenance of the Edit menu, reading and writing to the
Clipboard, Appearance Manager sounds under Mac OS 9, and other features.

HierListBox 4.5.1 requires Thomas Tempelmann’s “TT’s MemoryBlock” plugin,
Noah Desch’s “ControlOps” module (included), and makes use of the REALbasic
4.5 “Notes” feature.

HierListBox 4.5.1 is an open source project, released under the GNU General
Public License. It’s available for download from

— Scott Forbes