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Press Release Colourfull Creations

Colourfull Creations Updates Calendar Class for REALbasic Developers,

New Baltimore, MI. Colourfull Creations Releases the update for the popular
Calendar Class for REALbasic Developers. Calendar Class is an easy to
insert calendar for your projects. Simply drag the class into your next
project to add a customizable calendar. Change font, button color,
background color and more for a customized look for every project.
Colourfull Creations has added even more features to Calendar Class like
multiple window styles, multiple button styles, multiple selection options,
special properties for localization and more.

Calendar Class is available for immediate release. Information can be
obtained by contacting Colourfull Creations directly at (586) 716-0807 or
email sales@colourfull.com. You can also visit the Colourfull Creations web
site at http://www.colourfull.com for product prices and purchase