August 22, 2002. “We’re ready for Jaguar !” said Simon Jensen-Fellows,
Cogco’s Chief Engineer. “This release of ClassicBooster further improves
the launch time of the Classic environment as well as improving its ability
to disable unnecessary extensions. We’ve also updated the utility to be
prepared for changes in the 10.2 release of Mac OS X “Jaguar”.


ClassicBooster lets users create an Extensions Manager set customized for
Classic running under Mac OS X. ClassicBooster ensures that this set is
loaded when you launch Classic, and your normal set loads when you boot Mac
OS 9. Finally, ClassicBooster caches extensions and loads the Classic
environment really fast, in as little as a quarter of the normal time.

A trial version of ClassicBooster is available from:


Cogco has been developing Macintosh and Unix software for five years. They
are the authors of the hugely popular Macintosh utilities Hippo and
OSBooster. Learn about Cogco’s products at their website: