REAL Software’s Cubie awards
We want to recognize the contributions our users have made to the industry
by promoting the excellence of what they have produced with REALbasic.

We accepted nominations from anyone, but no REAL Software employee or
member of their family is eligible. The only other requirement is that the
products be Premier partners in the Made with REALbasic program. Winners
will receive TWO free upgrades to REALbasic, our support in publishing the
product (if desired), free publicity, the admiration and envy of their
peers, and other prizes to be announced.

The entries will be judged on quality, fitness to the task (fun game?
useful utility?), polish, verve, and brio.

Each winner in the categories (past categories have included: Advocate of
the Year, Cross-Platform, Developer Tool, Game, Internet, Mac OS X,
Utility, Overall, and Business) will receive prizes. The categories change
based on the entries received.

The Swag:
TWO free upgrades to REALbasic, Professional edition!

2002 Winners:
Advocate of the Year:
Erick Tejkowski
There’s a special category for the REALbasic advocate of the year, that
person who has done the most for the community, and helped make REALbasic
known everywhere as the truly great tool that it is.

Barcode Producer by Intelli Innovations, Inc.
The best tool for conducting some sort of commercial activity, whether it is
a traditional business application or a tool for creating stuff that makes
money for the user.

Quick Pallet Maker 2 by SCA Mecanica
The best example of an application that embraces Macintosh, Mac OS X, and

REALbasic development aid:
UniHelp by Electric Butterfly
This includes plug-ins, classes, modules, frameworks, pre- and
post-processors, anything that helps some REALbasic developer get the job

A-OK! The Wings of Mercury by You Are Go!
Software for learning (something useful, ideally).

Visual 3270 by Trizen Systems
Enterprise software. Big iron, mainframes, legacy systems — crucial tools
for getting big business done.

AthenaIRC by ChiperSoft Systems
Best tool for the Internet. This could be anything useful in that rather
large arena, from a server tool, to a decoder, player, testing tool. If it
uses IP (or its cousins) or some known protocol or format, it’s in!

Mac OS X:
MediaEdit by Mien Software
The best application for Mac OS X. It need not fall into any particular
category, and can also support the classic Mac OS (and heck, Windows too).

Baytex Party! by Baytex
That best application for the audio, visual, wave of the future.

PrefsOverload 4.1.2 by Zik’s Software and
Passenger by MacinMind Software
The best application that does something useful. This too is intentionally
broad! All it has to do is crank out the utiles, and we will be all over it.

Lorin Rivers
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